Sayonara England, its been….life changing!

  Sharps Court, Our English Home

Sharps Court, Our English Home

The time has come to say goodbye to England, it’s hard to believe that it was only five years ago that I landed at London Heathrow about to embark on my big OE. I didn’t know what was in store for me, I knew it would be life changing, how could it not be? What I didn’t know was how much. Now that it’s time to say goodbye to the place I call home I can not help but reflect on my time here…

I got to reunite with high school friends, friends I hadn’t seen in over eight years, yet it felt like only yesterday. I landed a great job which led me to meet new friends. I travelled, which led me to Matt; not once, but twice. We set up house in Mildenhall, which led us to meet the best neighbors anyone could wish for. We got engaged which led to our beautiful Italian wedding. We became parents to Eden and then 3 years later to Clio, which has brought us so much joy, challenged us and simply kept us young at heart. We travelled as a family which led to tears, laughter and many photo albums. It has been more than life changing, not only for myself but Matt too.

Goodbyes are never easy, the hardest part is saying goodbye to the people we care about, especially the Bakers, we refer to them as our neighbors but they are more than that, they are our family too. We know we will see them again, what we don’t know is when. As sad is it is to say goodbye we are also beyond excited for the next leg in our journey and can not help but wonder how life changing four years living in Okinawa, Japan will be!


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