First Tastes

The sun was shining and humidity was high, we were hungry and wanted to find somewhere to sit down for a bite of lunch and a cold drink. After 1.5 days of not leaving the base we decided that this was the perfect time to head out into the community to see what Okinawa had to offer. As we walked we noticed how many bars & restaurants where closed down, a direct effect of the drinking restrictions and curfews currently in place for the military here in Okinawa. We got to the end of the road, music was blaring and a crowd was gathering.

Being the nosey people we are we ventured over, to what looks like a department store, named Koza Music Town, but I THINK its all different types of music/dance shops. I am not sure if it was a special event or if this is a regular thing but people were break dancing and doing other forms of hip hop everywhere, from tiny kids, younger than Eden to older folk.

Eisa Drummer Statue outside Koza Music Town

Eisa Drummer Statue outside Koza Music Town

We spotted somewhere to eat, although the only thing in English was 0.00 – 7.00, which I am guessing were the opening hours. A little unsure if we should head inside we found the only other American insight and asked him if he had ever eaten there or if there was somewhere within walking distance to eat, quick answer: No.

Knowing that we were all too hungry and hot to walk back to base to eat, we decided to just go for it.

I can not tell you the name of the place, nor can I tell you exactly what we ate, but it was most definitely delicious!

Matt's beef dish

Matt’s beef dish

The menu had pictures so we just picked what looked good, found a kids meal and picked what we assumed was chicken then to our luck we found a flyer which showed the pictures and some English. Happy with our decision we placed the order to the non-English speaking girl behind the counter, who wanted the order in Japanese. It took a little bit of matching the pictures and Japanese writing to the English menu but we successfully placed our first order.

Eden enjoying her huge bowl of rice!

Eden enjoying her huge bowl of rice!

The food was amazing, mine was a chicken dish, in a yummy sauce served over rice with seaweed. Matt had thinly shaved beef over rice. Eden; minced chicken, seaweed and rice although she only ate the rice. Matt & I weren’t fans of Eden’s minced chicken, more the texture than the taste. Our entire bill came to 1470¥ which is approximately $15USD.

Trying to master chopsticks

Trying to master chopsticks

We sat next to two older ladies who were very taken with the girls, particularly Clio! One of the ladies spoke no English the other was very broken, but we managed to exchange a few sentences. We definitely need to learn some basic Japanese, if we want to get the most out of our time here.

Our walk home it absolutely poured down, it was refreshing and even Eden had a blast getting totally soaked!.

Eden loving the downpour

Eden loving the downpour

We are looking forward to getting cars so we can venture further afield. Until then, we may be visiting this restaurant or rather fast food joint, a few more times.


6 responses to “First Tastes

  1. Great to follow your exciting adventures.
    You have a lovely encapulating writing style Hannah.
    You should seriosly think of writing a book or do editorials for you local English Newsletters. Take care and keep on having fun. Dan

    • Thanks for the lovely comment Danny! Glad to hear your enjoying it, hopefully we will have lots of exciting adventures to write about and I can keep you all entertained!

  2. Wow, fun little first adventure! Very brave trying the food without knowing for sure what the ingredients might be, but is sounds delish! Your girls will have some amazing memories, as will you. Now, what is the military drinking restrictions about? Is it new?

    • Hi Mary! I think the restrictions have been in place a year or even 2. I guess there have been a lot of troubles caused out in town when alcohol is involved (rapes, robbery etc) and, understandably, the locals weren’t very happy about it. The restrictions don’t apply to spouses only service members. I don’t know the exact rules but I believe it’s something like E6 and above have no time curfew (E5 and below need to be home by midnight) and everyone (at least E6 and above) are only allowed 2 drinks with a meal, they can’t go out to a bar and drink but they could drink at home/on base then go out. Everyone is allowed to drink at the clubs on base though. Is it your son-in-law that’s in the military? I think you mentioned once before that they were trying for Japan. Hawaii isn’t a bad tour though!!!

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