Full belly & a warm heart

Things have been a tad quiet in the blogging world lately, with Matt working a lot, baseball, illness, we just haven’t done much that is blog worthy! I think things will pick up a bit though especially since holiday season has officially started!

While many Americans planned on cooking a delicious feast to celebrate Thanksgiving we had decided to skip the traditions and use the day to cross something off our Okinawa Bucket List. That was until I heard something that the USO was doing which I thought was pretty darn neat. The USO is a very cool organisation which describes its mission as to “lift the spirits of Americas troops and their families”, they have branches all over the world and do many great things for the American military (and their families), I am sure I have spoken of this fantastic organisation before, its one that I personally would like to support more. If anyone is curious about the things they do, how you can support them or even where they are located, visit their website here.

So what was this neat thing that the USO’s here on Okinawa were doing…they, along with Koza Church, put on Thanksgiving for the troops, specifically those who aren’t surrounded by their families, whether they are young soldiers living in dorms or married folk who have come to Okinawa on a short tour (and therefore their families are back in the States). However, anyone was welcome to visit one of the 4 locations to eat. Volunteers prepared their usual thanksgiving meal but instead of eating it at home, they brought it to one of the locations and served it to whoever stopped by. Most locations covered a 4-5 hour period with volunteers signing up to bring food then serve for an hour, after they had served, they then got to prepare a plate for themselves to sit and enjoy with the rest.

Eden helping serve dinner

Eden helping serve dinner

This morning we made our sides and dessert and at 4pm we headed over to Futenma Air Base along with some friends and served those who aren’t as fortunate to be surrounded by their family this holiday or those who just wanted to swing by with their families, everyone was welcomed. The hour went super quick and it was great to see so many people pass through the USO. After our hour we dived into the feast and an hour later left with full bellies and warm hearts.

Serving Thanksgiving dinner at USO with friends

Serving Thanksgiving dinner at USO with friends

I know Thanksgiving is an American holiday and since I am technically not American (although I am now officially a US Permanent Resident!) its not a holiday that I tend to celebrate however whether you are American or not I do think taking time to reflect on what you are thankful for is a nice thing to do. I have a lot to be thankful for, firstly my health, most of you probably know that the end of my pregnancy wasn’t the easiest and I ended up doing a stint in hospital, even after Clio was born it took me a while to recover so I am very thankful that for the most part I am now in good health.

I am thankful for the Air Force, for a lot of reasons but the biggest being that it has given us this opportunity to live in Okinawa, Japan, that is simply amazing.

I am so very thankful for our beautiful girls, Eden makes me laugh daily, she is such a sweet, kind and loving kid with a huge heart, just the other day she told me how beautiful I looked in my black & white strip skirt, that I looked just like a zebra! She adores her little sister and is so helpful, I love that she gets upset if Clio has gone to bed before she had the chance to kiss her goodnight and that she will take a break from eating her breakfast so that she is the first person Clio sees in the morning. And Clio, at just 10 months has a lot of personality, very determined and independent but also laid back, I am so thankful that despite being over 3 weeks early she was born very healthy.

Lastly, Matt, how lucky am I! He works super hard for his family allowing me to stay at home with the girls. Currently he works a rubbish shift, which he chose, simply so that he could spend more time with his girls during the day and means he doesnt get as much sleep as he would ideally like. Matt is a totally awesome hands-on dad, a super loving husband and beyond supportive of any crazy idea I have. I could write a whole blog about how thankful I am that he is in my life, but I’ll leave it at this so not to bore you all!

If your celebrating Thanksgiving I hope that you get to be surrounded by family and friends and of course eat some deliciousness, even if your not, you can still take a minute to think about what/who your thankful for – maybe even tell them, you might make someones day 🙂

From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.


9 responses to “Full belly & a warm heart

  1. Hanna. We love you all and missing you greatly. Hanna we are thankful you are a member of the family. We think you’re a great fit.

    • Mr C, thanks for making me smile 🙂 I am VERY thankful for you and your family and so honored to be apart of it. Also, really thankful to you & Mrs C for raising such an awesome son! Hope your enjoying your time with everyone, sorry we aren’t there.

  2. Hannah, this post made me cry. We are so thankful that Matt found you and brought you into our family. I always worried about whether he would marry a woman who deserved him, and I am thankful that he did. We love you. — Chrissi

    • Chrissi, awww thanks, your going to make me cry! Thanks for facetiming yesterday, so lovely to touch base. Hope you got some bargains today!

    • This year was definitely my most traditional Thanksgiving yet, usually we use the long weekend to travel (we will be heading to Tokyo this year). Do you work with any/many Americans? I wonder if you will have a “Thanksgiving” this year…if not, I am sure we will be around next year and if we do would love to have you guys over!!

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