Happy Birthday Clio

Today was a very special day in the Curtis household…our sweet baby girl celebrated her very first birthday!

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls

Grandma Curtis’ cinnamon rolls have become our breakfast of choice for special occasions and I think Matt made his best batch yet; it seems the Okinawan climate is perfect for baking. Clio most definitely enjoyed her birthday breakfast.

Opening her present from Grandpa & Grandma Curtis

Opening her present from Grandpa & Grandma Curtis

Clio got to open presents while we skyped with her Curtis Grandparents which was fun and of course her big sister was happy to assist when Clio needed a little help, and even when she didn’t!

After a much needed nap we sang Happy Birthday and presented Clio with her first cake. It took a little bit but once she had her first taste of frosting she loved it. We all had a blast watching her but the most fun came when, covered in frosting, she started chasing her Papa & big sister who were both showered & dressed.

Cake Time

Cake Time

It was a very special day for a very special girl who we love to bits and pieces. It seems Clio, at a year old, has all 3 of us wrapped around her teeny tiny little finger, she is determined, dramatic, impatient, cheeky, happy, adores Eden, makes us laugh…A LOT, she has an exceptional appetite and to date has only turned down salmon fishcakes (she even had her first indian curry for lunch today, and loved it), she likes to be on the go, we love her snuggles when she gives them which isn’t all that often. We love our little Clio; today may have been her birthday but I am the one with the amazing gift.

Clio Birthday 4

Happy Birthday sweet Clio.

Clio Birthday 6

Clio over the past year (each photo taken on the 3rd of the month)

Clio over the past year (each photo taken on the 3rd of the month)


13 responses to “Happy Birthday Clio

  1. Lovely pics of a lovely family. You’re a devoted Mummy Hannah. How disciplined is that ‘Clio’s photo shoot on the 3rd of each month for her first year. We just loved it. Dan and Jan

    • Thanks Dan & Jan! I started off good with remembering to take a photo on the 3rd of each month, towards the end, it was just before bedtime when I would remember to do it!!

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  3. Love these Hannah:) You are such a great mama, glad to have your friendship here on our little island. My favorite pic is Clio’s arms high in the air with joy!!! Happy Birthday little Clio, Bill and I just adore your girls.

    • Oh Gina you are too sweet, I am the lucky one to have your friendship! We adore your kids too….we need to hit up another park sometime soon 🙂

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