Seattle, Part 3; Underground, Overground and Water Tours

Our final day in Seattle and the fun & adventures of the past few weeks were definitely catching up on us. I think I can speak for all of us we were ready to be back in Okinawa and in our own beds, but before that could happen we had one last day and we were sure going to make the most of it!

Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square

We packed up our stuff, checked out of our AirBnB property and dropped our stuff off at a hotel close to the airport since we had an early morning flight (I actually can’t remember the name of the hotel, nothing to write home about, but it served its purpose). Catching the train into town was easy, although not all that quick!

scenes from the Underground Tour

scenes from the Underground Tour

Once in town we headed straight for Pioneer Square and purchased tickets for the Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour, which was hilarious! Even with a crabby Clio who made the tour rather difficult it was still a lot of fun and really interesting. If you are ever in Seattle I would highly recommend this tour, although I do wonder if we had a different guide if I would feel the same, I really do think more often its the guide and the group of people that make or break a tour.

Eden was a bit concerned that we could see people walking on the street above us through the skylight

Eden was a bit concerned that we could see people walking on the street above us through the skylight

Clio was more than ready for a lunch break so as soon as the tour finished we made a beeline for The New Orleans Creole Restaurant which Matt had spotted earlier that morning. As we sat down the owner informed us they didn’t have highchairs, so not what I wanted to deal with over lunch, but he went out of his way to locate one for us from a neighboring restaurant, so nice! The owner was a character, took the time to talk to all of his customers and even came around and handed out Mardi Gras beads to all the females in the restaurants…the girls were in heaven (3 weeks on from returning home and Clio still wears hers everyday!). This was my first taste of cajun cuisine and it was delicious, although I preferred the jambalaya over the gumbo.

the girls LOVE these necklaces...still

the girls LOVE these necklaces…still

Every time we were Downtown we would see this duck bus driving around and Eden had been asking to go on it, so after lunch we thought it would be a good time to do it and give our legs a little break. Although we almost backed out when we saw the cost of tickets for the Ride the Ducks of Seattle. We boarded the DUKW and were on our merry way. Remember when I said that I think the guide/group of people make or break a tour, in this case I think it broke it for me. While the guide was pumping out the lame jokes (my favorite) and Eden thought his numerous ‘outfit’ changes were hilarious, which were timed to the music blaring, his song choice wasn’t the best and our group wasn’t all that vocal (compared to other tours I had seen). We drove around Seattle, over to Fremont, but didnt get to see the troll even though he talked about it, and out onto the water where we did get to see the houseboat from Sleepless in Seattle! For me the price of this tour wasn’t worth it, Eden enjoyed herself though so it was worth it for that.

on the Ride the Ducks of Seattle Tour

on the Ride the Ducks of Seattle Tour

Finally it was time to say goodbye to Seattle.

The next morning we woke EARLY to catch our first of 3 flights, the first went smoothly, the second, the LONG one, was rough. Clio fell asleep before we had event taken off, then of course woke 2 hours later when they announced they were starting their food service and didnt sleep until the last hour of the flight! Once we arrived to Osaka we had a 5 hour layover, I popped Clio in the front pack, borrowed a stroller from the airline for Eden and walked them around; they were both asleep in minutes. We all slept the last leg to Okinawa, which was probably a good thing as it felt like a pretty rough flight; there were a few times I was woken by a bout of turbulence.

We arrived at 10pm and as soon as the doors of the aircraft opened we were greeted by the all too familiar Okinawa humidity.

Usually when we return home we suffer a bit of post-holiday blues, this time it never set in, I can only contribute this to one of 2 things…
1) we were eager to check on our house, belongings and vehicles which all other than one of Matt’s tail light covers, thankfully, held up in Typhoon Neoguri which had hit earlier that week.
2) we already had our next trip booked, so knew it was only a matter of weeks until we get another fun family adventure, yeah!

Until our next vacation we have lots of things to do here in Okinawa and I expect the blog to be quite busy over the next few weeks, so as always, stay tuned!


4 responses to “Seattle, Part 3; Underground, Overground and Water Tours

    • It really was neat, we learnt a lot about the history of Seattle but with lots of humor thrown in and compared to the Duck Tour so much better value for money (it was a lot cheaper!). Have you been to Seattle?

  1. There is so much to do there, I definitely hope we get to go back at some point, it was such a neat city 🙂

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