But first let me take a selfie…

matt selfies

Hannah has released the beast!  Actually I don’t think she knows what she has gotten herself into with giving me admin privileges for the blog.  This is my first attempt at blogging and who knows it may be my last.  Never mind that…let ‘s get this party started.

Matt's Selfies HK

I don’t know how it got started but while we were in Hong Kong I started taking Selfies.  Somehow it turned into a running joke throughout our trip and as the days went by I found myself doing it more and more, even getting the family in on the action.  I have found though that Clio is not too keen on taking selfies as you will see in the photos.  Most of the pictures with Clio are either of the back of her head or she’s sleeping.  Eden however didn’t seem to mind taking photos with me, it’s probably due to her mom taking what seems a million photos a day.  Ok I might be stretching that a bit but Han did take over a thousand photos in Hong Kong so you can see what I mean.

matt selfies 2

matt selfies 3

There is so much to see in Hong Kong and since Han is so organized we were able to see a lot of it.  Those of you who know my wife know what I am talking about.  One of my favorite days was the trip to Tai O and the giant Buddha.  The village was so different to anything I had experienced before and I found it quite interesting.  Any sea creature you could think of was dried and for sale.  I have to admit though they don’t look that appetizing.  As you may have read in Han’s blog about this place it had a distinct smell that Eden was quite loudly announcing she thought smelled gross.  I found it hard to tell her that it wasn’t polite to say those things so loudly when I agreed.  I wonder when kids learn to filter their thoughts and not say everything that comes to mind, because when they don’t filter their thoughts it can make for some awkward moments and we have had our fair share of those.

matt selfies 5

This was also my first day of selfies.  I am not sure if you all know this but it can be quite a challenge to get the right angle to fit yourself and whatever object that is behind you in the shot.  You can end up cutting a lot of faces off in photos or totally missing what your actually trying to capture.  It’s pretty much an art which I didn’t quite master the first day.  However while on our travels I got to see a lot of people who seem to have mastered the selfie.  They would attach their phone to a long collapsable pole so that they could get that perfect angle for the selfie.  I have yet to find that perfect angle where my hair looks good and I don’t look like I ate one of my children.

matt selfies 6

As you can see I have attached some of my finer selfies but there is so much room for growth. I did however always remember to wear my new Ray Bun sunglasses, nope that wasn’t a typo.  Those beauties were bought at the Temple Street Night Market for a whole ten dollars.  I really had no interest in buying them but I was  haggling the man running the booth just for the sake of haggling and I actually got the price down more then half of what he was asking and given this boost to my ego I decided to buy them.  As I walked away from the booth feeling very confident in my new purchase I caught up with Han.  She wasn’t as impressed as I was with my new shades.

matt selfies 7

I have a feeling this selfie business may turn into much more then just a thing that I do because towards the end of the trip Eden looked at me while we were at a temple and said “We should take a selfie.”  It made Han and I laugh quite a bit.  I may be late to this whole selfie business but I am going all out…I am getting a selfie stick…maybe….if Han lets me…or someone buys it for me.  Any donations for the Selfie Stick Foundation can be made through http://www.egoissues.com

matt selfies 8


7 responses to “But first let me take a selfie…

  1. Oh that was funny! I bet Mrs. Schuleman (or whatever her name was from high school) would be impressed with your personal essay. Thanks for the laugh. Hannah, thanks for giving him a shot at exposing his true self(ie). Too funny!

    • Who is buying for Matt for Christmas again? hopefully they read this and thats their first Christmas idea…a selfie stick!

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