Hong Kong & Macau; Full Itinerary & Budget

Fun Flying Four Hong Kong Itinerary and Budget (1 of 1)

For my last post about our trip to Hong Kong & Macau I am going to do something that I have never done before; give a breakdown of how much we spent and our day-by-day itinerary. Anyone that knows me will know that traveling is my passion and Matt & I make it a priority to see this wonderful world we live in. I know Hong Kong is a popular destination to visit from Okinawa so in an effort to hopefully inspire some to visit there (or anywhere) or to simply help others learn from our mistakes I thought this post might be helpful.

quick snack while waiting for our flight; Naha - Shanghai

quick snack while waiting for our flight; Naha – Shanghai

Our budget was $3,500 USD for 8 nights (7 full days). We usually like to do things on the cheap although this trip was more of a splurge for us and sadly we did go over our budget, although having said that I am positive it could be done a lot cheaper than that…

Okinawa – Hong Kong; Flights, Accommodation & Transportation
We flew with China Eastern which meant we had to fly via Shanghai and have a 2.5 hour layover there. Flying from Okinawa you can definitely get direct flights and if booked far enough in advance or if your flexible on dates, are often only slightly more expensive (e.g $50 USD more per ticket) than going this route. Unfortunately for us, the dates we had to fly all the cheap direct tickets were sold out and it would have cost us $900 USD more.

Eden looking after ALL our luggage

Eden looking after ALL our luggage

Okinawa – Hong Kong (2 adults, 1 child, 1 infant)                            $1,057.10 USD
Travel Insurance (we don’t always purchase this, but we had personal reasons of why we wanted the cover this time)                                                             $84.00 USD

8 nights accommodation at L’Hotel Elan, Kowloon                             $790.00 USD
(our family most definitely travels better when staying in apartment style accommodation. We went with a hotel simply because we wanted a pool, and this hotel had a lovely pool on the 35th floor overlooking Hong Kong)
money saving tip staying in an apartment always saves us money, often the same (or less) than a hotel but with the ability to do laundry, make your own meals (even if it is just breakfast every day and a couple of others throughout the week) and being able to enjoy drinks at home rather than out allows us to spend more money on sight seeing.

Laundry at the hotel;                                                                                $60.00 USD
Hotel Breakfasts;                                                                                     $54.00 USD
Drinks from the hotel bar;                                                                        $18.00 USD

Taxi from Hong Kong Airport to L’hotel Elan;                                          $36.00 USD
Kowloon Station – Hong Kong Airport (airport express);                        $24.00 USD
Octopus Cards (2 adults, 1 child, Clio was free: its not an age but rather a height limit, I would say the average 3-4 year old would need a ticket);                     $84.50 USD
(the Octopus card is awesome, and a cheap way to travel around, included in that cost are refundable deposits which you can get back if you turn your card in)
money saving tip DON’T lose your recently topped up Octopus card; yes we did lose one of our adult cards literally minutes after topping it up

Eden loved using her Octopus card

Eden loved using her Octopus card


Wong Tai Sin Temple;                                                                                       FREE
Nan Lian Garden:                                                                                             FREE
Chi Lin Nunnery;                                                                                              FREE
Lunch at Tim Ho Wan;                                                                          $25.00 USD
Yeun Po Street Bird Garden;                                                                           FREE
Flower Market Road;                                                                                       FREE
Goldfish Market;                                                                                              FREE


Ngong Ping 360 (return cable car/Bus to Tai O/Boat tour of Tai O;      $109.00 USD
(we purchased the land & sea package, I never priced it our separately but I am sure its ever so slightly cheaper to purchase individually)
money saving tip You can sign up at Ngong Ping 360 website and receive a 10% off voucher
Lunch at Tai O Heritage Hotel;                                                              $65.00 USD
Tian Tan Buddha;                                                                                            FREE
Po Lin Monastery;                                                                                           FREE
Dinner at Spaghetti House;                                                                   $54.00 USD
money saving tip don’t eat here, the service was terrible, the food average and the prices quite steep compared to what else is around


Snack at Sei Yin (Hong Kong Style French Toast);                                  $5.00 USD
Aqualuna Junk Boat ride (2 adults, 1 child);                                          $78.00 USD

pool on the 35th floor provided great views of Hong Kong

pool on the 35th floor provided great views of Hong Kong


Breakfast & snacks at hotel lobby while waiting for Disney transfer;    $36.00 USD
Disney Resort tickets/hotel transfer there/train tickets home;                        FREE
money saving tip check your credit card rewards program, we saved over $150.00 USD by cashing in some reward points
Toys                                                                                                      $101.00 USD
money saving tip DON’T leave your husband and children unaccompanied in the toy shops, otherwise the above will probably happen
Lunch, snacks &souvenir photo;                                                          $110.00 USD
Sunscreen;                                                                                              $20.00 USD
money saving tip; DON’T forget your sunscreen


Victoria Peak Tram (2 adults/1 child/Clio free);                                      $13.00 USD
Man Mo Temple;                                                                                                FREE
Graham Street Market;                                                                                      FREE
Walking the streets of Tai Ping Shan Street & surrounding area;                      FREE
Grand So Artwork;                                                                                  $65.00 USD

The girls loved sleeping in the same room....Matt & I weren't fans!

The girls loved sleeping in the same room….Matt & I weren’t fans!


Turbojet Kowloon – Macau, return (2 adults/2 children);                      $180.00 USD
Ruins of St Paul;                                                                                                FREE
Mont Forte;                                                                                                        FREE
Senado Square;                                                                                                 FREE
Church of St Dominic;                                                                                        FREE
Lazarus District;                                                                                                 FREE
Street of Happiness;                                                                                          FREE

Bus from Macau to Coloane (2 adults/1 child)                                          $1.50 USD
Chapel of St Francis Xavier;                                                                               FREE
Coloane Library;                                                                                                 FREE
Kun Iam Temple;                                                                                                 FREE
Tam Kung Temple;                                                                                              FREE


Lunch at Tim Ho Wan;                                                                              $26.00 USD
Walked the streets of Wan Chai;                                                                         FREE

CASH for taxi’s, breakfast, lunch & dinner, postcards, snacks;              $660.00 USD

TOTAL SPENT:                                                                                      $3,756.10 USD

There are also some things that we didn’t get to do which I had hoped…

Avenue of Stars, Tsim Sha Tsui
Kowloon Park (Free and sounds perfect for children)
Stanley Military Cemetery
Macau Giant Panda Pavilion
A-Ma Temple, Coloane (Macau)
Statue Square
Lamma Island

they took turns at waking each other up

they took turns at waking each other up

So we slightly went over budget and if we had to do it again there would be a few changes we would make, namely I think we would stay in an apartment over the hotel, even though our hotel was excellent, hotels generally don’t suit our style of traveling and after a week of sleeping in the same room we were all ready to come home to our own space.

Just in case you missed out on any of our Hong Kong & Macau posts…

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6 responses to “Hong Kong & Macau; Full Itinerary & Budget

  1. It’s very interesting to see all the small amounts of money you spent while being in Hongkong. It’s crazy how much it is when you break it down afterwards. Anyway, I hope that the 250 dollars more were not too bad for you 🙂

    • We were pleased to only go over $250! We found Hong Kong very cheap and loads of free things to do which is great! Our biggest cost (other than hotel & flights) was definitely food and had I researched a little more as to where the cheap options were I know we would have come under. I had, wrongly, assumed street food would be everywhere but as it turns out we struggled to find it, which is why some meals we spent $50+; most of the $600 cash was spent on food!

      • I know that feeling. It’s always tough to find the cheap food options when not researching a lot beforehand. I’m sure you’ll be able to get out of it cheaper next time 🙂

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  3. My brother suggested I might like this blog. He was once entirely right.
    This post actually made my day. You can not believe just
    how a lot time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

    • Glad you found this post helpful! I know when we plan trips we are always looking for rough itineraries and budgets and often can’t find the information we need, hence why I have started doing these posts 🙂

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