Purikura a.k.a Photo Booths

A few weeks ago I took Eden to a birthday party where I got chatting to a lovely lady and as so many conversations go here in Okinawa, we got onto the subject of how much time we have left on this gorgeous island. She filled me in on when they were leaving and proceeded to tell me about one of her favorite things to do on island…Photo Booths.

Date Night Photo Booth action

Date Night Photo Booth action

Fast forward to this past weekend where Matt & I were heading out on a rare date night (thanks to an awesome friend) but we hadn’t made any plans not even where we wanted to eat! I was pretty tired heading into our date night, the weather wasn’t that great due to passing typhoon Phanfone and I was still full from a late lunch. Matt asked where we should go and thats when I remembered the conversation from the birthday party about the photo booths.

Off we went to Aeon in American Village; we made our way up to the second floor where we decided to stop at few shops since we were kidless and its so much more enjoyable shopping without children. We found the photo booths, which are actually called Purikura, in the back corner of the arcade. Matt was a little apprehensive but one thing I absolutely love about Matt is he always says yes to me!!

Mama & Eden enjoying some Photo Booth fun

Mama & Eden enjoying some Photo Booth fun

We changed our money into 4x 100 Yen coins, selected the first (of about 5) booths and away we went. This particular machine was 99% in Japanese so it was kind of tricky but made it so much more fun. What we failed to notice was the 1% in English which said “Fashion & Make-up”. We were already in fits of laughter but things got hysterical when Matt noticed that the machine was enhancing our make-up, or in Matt’s case, adding make-up!

Purikura Okinawa

After all 6 photos were shot we went into a different booth to add the finishing touches; although we failed miserably at this part as we couldn’t work out what button to push before the timer ran out. At one point it asked for our names but since everything was in kanji we ended up pushing random buttons and the machine gave us the names Kukushi & Aashi.

Whats even better about these photos compared to your standard booth photos is the fact that they are printed on sticker paper, so you can cut, share and stick them till your hearts content.

the start of our collection

the start of our collection

After all our Photo Booth fun I had finally worked up an appetite so we continued on with our date night. It was defiantly the funniest moment of the night!

The next day when we were out and about and trying to kill time before meeting some friends for lunch…can you guess what we did?

Purikura Okinawa

Yes we did visit the photo booth again, I guess you could say I was still riding the photo booth high from the previous night and I wanted to visit the photo booths so Eden could get in on the action. We tried a different booth this time and I feel like I had more of an idea of what to do and even managed to decorate our pictures with love hearts, unicorns and stars.

Now that I have the Purikuri bug I know we will leave Okinawa with endless sticker photos. Oh and if your planning on visiting us I will definitely be taking you to enjoy some of the photo booth fun for yourself, you’ve been warned.


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