Surviving Vongfong

This weekend we spent the entire weekend inside, thanks to Super Typhoon Vongfong, which I believe only ended up being a Cat 2 typhoon by the time it reached Okinawa, which was a good thing since Okinawa took a direct hit.

Between June 1st and November 30th a.k.a. typhoon season we are in TCCOR 4 and whenever typhoons start approaching Okinawa we move down in TCCOR until we eventually get put in TCCOR 1 (or E, I forget) which basically means we are locked in. This TCCOR change happened in the early hours of Saturday morning (maybe 1.30am) but we were well and truly in lockdown before then because there was no way we were venturing outside in those winds!

first lot of tears and we hadn't even got through breakfast

first lot of tears and we hadn’t even got through breakfast

What made this typhoon a little different to the two we experienced last year was that we had house guests! Our friend Leslie and her 2 year old daughter, Sophia, decided to ride the storm out with us since Leslie’s husband is currently working away and she lives in town where it seems your more likely to loose power (as it turned out her place was one of the 53,000 houses to lose power, we just aren’t sure for how long!).

So with 3 adults, and 3 children under 4 in our relatively small tower block apartment it was definitely either a recipe for a lot of fun or a disaster! Thankfully I think fun was had by all, despite the few tears by each child at some point throughout the weekend!

playdoh fun

playdoh fun

Saturday I woke way earlier than I would have liked, thanks to Eden who got to sleep in our bed for the weekend so that our guests could have her room, which made for a longer day than usual.

We started the day with a blueberry cream cheese french toast casserole thing, it sounds way nicer than it was! Then let the girls play for a little while we got some activities prepared for them…

Playdoh was a huge hit, particularly with Sophia, and I think had we not packed it up when we did she probably would have continued to play with it for a while longer. In fact I think she even asked for it a few other times throughout her stay…I guess I know what we will be getting her for her next birthday!

Eden's sticker dress-up creation

Eden’s sticker dress-up creation

While the girls busied themselves with playdoh I prepared for their next activity; “dress-up” stickers (which I purchased from the 100yen store) I simply traced one of the girls a few times on paper, cut out the outfits and then divided everything equally amongst the two older girls to avoid any squabbles. Eden really enjoyed doing this while Sophia got a little more creative using socks as earrings and dresses as hats.

For lunch I employed Sophia to help prepare pizzas for all the girls and she did a great job…only a few splatters of pizza sauce made it on the walls and I managed to get the pizza in the oven before she ate all the topping, which she thought was hilarious.

my little helper Sophia

my little helper Sophia

After lunch, I think us adults were pleased that the littles were heading down for a nap and I know Eden was just as excited as it meant she got to watch her dinosaur movie which Matt had rented for her the day before. While she said she enjoyed it I am guessing she found parts a tad scary as a couple times we looked over to find her hiding behind the couch.

Eden watching her dinosaur movie

Eden watching her dinosaur movie

Once all the girls were awake we invited the neighbors daughter over for a play (who is the same age as Eden) and they made pipe cleaner bracelets before finding short-lived enjoyment from jumping onto the air mattress from the bed. Short-lived because once I realized what they were doing I put my angry Mom voice on.

The neighbors Mom and brother popped over for a chat and to drop off some of the goodies they had been whipping up in the kitchen (spanish rice and cupcakes) before taking Eden’s friend home.

kids playing on the air mattress!

kids playing on the air mattress!

Finally it was time to throw a princess make-over party. Matt set up the princess tent in the lounge, the girls changed from their ordinary clothes to pretty princess dresses (Clio was technically a fairy but she was none the wiser and just pleased to be dressing up like the older girls). Eden’s favorite part was getting to wear some make-up while Sophia was determined not to wear any make-up yet insisted only on wearing eyeshadow, blush and lipgloss on!

Sophia & Eden all dolled up (Eden looks really grumpy here...she was sort mostly just really tired)

Sophia & Eden all dolled up (Eden looks really grumpy here…she was sort mostly just really tired)

However Sophia was most excited to get her nails painted as was Clio! Finally we did the girls hair threw on the Disney radio station and let them burn off some energy in the form of dancing.

cute friends

cute friends

After dinner we let them run around the tower corridor before another craft activity and finally bed. I am not sure who was more exhausted; the girls or us adults.

We got to enjoy some adult drinks while playing a spot of scrabble, which I lost at miserably, but Leslie & Matt had a close game with only 2 points in it with Matt winning much to my dismay.

dancing at their princess make-over party

dancing at their princess make-over party

The entire day we were waiting for the typhoon, I think it was meant to be at its worse in the late evening and while the winds definitely picked up throughout the day (I think they peaked around 89 miles) it wasn’t as eventful as we were expecting, which was probably a good thing.

there was a touch of wrestling

there was a touch of wrestling

Sunday we woke up expecting to be in TCCOR SW meaning we are able to leave the house, but this didn’t occur until around 1pm, quite possibly the longest morning ever. I think we were all ready to leave the tower.

Sunday we watched tv!

Sunday we watched tv!

I am really hoping this is the last typhoon we see this relatively quiet typhoon season, simply because I am tired of my weekend plans being cancelled due to the weather, plus I need some time to think up some new typhoon activities for the kids…any ideas?

Eden woke a little under the weather so we tried to give her some quiet time...Clio wouldn't allow it!

Eden woke a little under the weather so we tried to give her some quiet time…Clio wouldn’t allow it!


7 responses to “Surviving Vongfong

    • I feel like planned activities are a must for the sake of our sanity! I am so pleased we didn’t lose power, that would just suck!

    • We have yet to be here for a major one…even the one earlier this year we were on vacation! I hope for the rest of our time here this is as bad as it gets, a weekend stuck inside with 2 littles (or 3 in this case!) is exhausting! Where are you located at now? do you miss Okinawa?

      • I can’t imagine having to entertain kids during a typhoon! Were in California now and missing Okinawa terribly! If you’re looking for a great place to take your kids for lunch, check out dechibica! Best place on the island!

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