SeaSeed : Coral Farming, Okinawa

Last week I turned the big 30, eek, but since my birthday fell on a weekday we put off the family celebrations until the weekend so that everyone was around to spoil me! I wasn’t exactly sure how I wanted to spend my day I just knew that I wanted to go somewhere as a family.

Eden showing me the boat Matt bought me for my birthday...yeah right!

Eden showing me the boat Matt bought me for my birthday…yeah right!

After a delicious breakfast of french toast, thanks to Matt, we were out of the house by 9am, mainly thanks to a power outage that was scheduled to last until late afternoon. Unfortunately our good birthday celebrating moods soon turned sour when we got lost, which happens way too often.

Clio loved being able to look into the tank

Clio loved being able to look into the tank

When we finally found SeaSeed over in Yomitan (near Gala) our happiness returned and we had a fantastic time at the coral farm.

As did Eden

As did Eden

It could be considered kind of pricey, we paid 900 yen per adult however the kids were free (not sure what the age limit is, but Eden who is 4 was free) then we added another 200 yen to buy some fish food for both girls.

One of the ponds

One of the ponds

However we didn’t mind spending the money because a) we had fun and b) it is such a great cause. It is small though so definitely not an all day or even half a day adventure.

Sea Seed 6

Seaseed literally grow coral for approximately 6 months (or at least the one variety that we talked to an employee about) and then transplant it into the ocean. Pretty amazing. I am unsure of when it started but they did have a photo taken in 2009 as a ‘before’ shot followed by one in 2011 showing the results after the coral had been replanted. It was amazing to see the difference.

I loved this stone wall thing

I loved this stone wall thing

It is a super small place, but it isn’t just coral. There were oodles of “Dory” fish, sea turtles, star fish (which you are allowed to touch) sea cucumbers and definitely a highlight for us all were the tuna fish at the end.

Sea Seed 4

The fish food we purchased at the beginning is only allowed to be fed to the tuna and by gosh it was a lot of fun. Those fish are crazy fast! It was like throwing a stick to a dog; they would watch our hands and see where we threw then wham they go for it. Eden both loved and hated it. Loved it because it was pretty darn cool, hated it because she got quite wet from the splash they made. Clio thought it was hilarious but didn’t want to touch the actual fish food; perfect because it meant more for Matt & I to toss in!

Sea Seed 3

Once we had finished at Sea Seed I asked the super sweet employee if we were able to walk down to the end of the stone wall/structure, she said yes, but as we started to make our way there we noticed the big sign which looks like a warning/do not enter sign. Matt went back to ask the same employee just to check there wasn’t any miscommunication, there wasn’t, so we went.

Sea Seed 2

As we walked out we spotted lots of crabs, both dead and alive. Of course Eden, who is currently very curious about death, was very interested in the dead crabs pointing every single one out, then asking a million questions about its passing.


I was trying to find out the purpose to the stone structure but I came up empty, the most I got was that it was built for a movie set; no idea if this is fact or fiction, regardless I am pleased they built it!


If you have curious children, have an hour or so to kill or want to support a fantastic local organization definitely go check SeaSeed out.


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