Happy Halloween!

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I was planning on posting this while it was still Halloween somewhere in the world but I think I missed that window!

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I know our families are interested in seeing what the girls dressed up as for Halloween so this post is for them.

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For the last year Eden has talked about what she wanted to be for Halloween, but constantly changed her mind, it went from an octopus to a peacock, a mermaid to a ballerina and finally we settled on a black (ballerina) cat.

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Since I am a little geeky and like matching or at least co-ordinating the girls we decided to make Clio a wee mouse. Unforunately we only managed to get her half into her costume, I tried all day but she wasn’t having a bar of it.

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In fact, she wasn’t impressed that Eden was dressed up and when I painted Eden’s face she totally freaked out; so I didnt even attempt to paint hers.

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Now that Halloween is over talk has already started for next years costumes!

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3 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. As cute as they always are!! Tell E she was adorable as a ballerina kitty! Tell C that Aunt Carrie loves her even if she refuses to wear her costume!

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