Seoul Girls Trip; Budget & Full Itinerary

After our vacation to Hong Kong I did a post about how much we spent, as it turns out it was one of our most popular posts and I received a lot of feedback so naturally I thought I would do the same for our recent Seoul trip! Hopefully this information is helpful with people planning some of their own South Korean adventures!

My Seoul

My Seoul

Naha, Okinawa – Seoul return Jin Air; 1 adult 26,400 YEN
Naha, Okinawa – Seoul return Jin Air; 1 child 25,900 YEN
K-Pop Residence 4 nights (breakfast included) 230,000 WON
Incheon Airport – Seoul Central Station Airport Express; 1 adult & 1 child 14,900 WON
T-Money Card mine was faulty, boo 3,000 WON
Seoul Station – Myendong subway (under 6 free!) 1,150 WON
ear warmers 10,000 WON
N. Seoul Tower gondola Return trip; 1 adult & 1 child 14,000 WON
Dinner 1 main to share, 1 beer & 1 juice 23,000 WON
Ice-cream for Eden 4,800 WON

Money Saving Tip; there is a commuter train between Seoul Incheon Airport & Seoul Central Station; I believe it only takes 10 minutes longer and is ever so slightly cheaper.

The T-Money card (if it works!) offers you a 10% discount on the subway, I had intended on returning my faulty one for a new one but just never got around to it, and we actually only used the subway a handful of times so it didn’t phase me in the end.

If you purchase single trip subway tickets the price includes a 500 WON deposit; not included in these figures since I always returned my card at the end of the journey into one of the machines to get my deposit back.

Eden enjoying her free breakfast at the guesthouse

Eden enjoying her free breakfast at the guesthouse

Myeongdong – Anguk subway 1,150 WON
Bukchon we walked around the Hanok Village. There is an information centre which provides maps and walking tour information FREE
The Roasting Factory Doo Roo 2 waffles & 2 hot choco’s 26,000 WON
Changedeokgung Palace Secret Garden Tour; 1 adult & 1 child 8,000 WON
Lunch in Insadong 2 dumpling lunch sets 19,000 WON
Insadong walked the streets and stopped by the shops below
TalBang mask shop amazing Hahoe Mask 100,000 WON
Souvenir shop 3 small cat toys 6, 000 WON
Traditional Costumes photos 1 adult & 1 child costume & photos 50,000 WON
Insadong Starbucks 1 muffin & 1 juice 7,800 WON
Jonggak – Hoehyeon subway 1,150 WON
Namdaemun Market 1 hair clip 2,000 WON
Dinner at a bakery water, salad & sandwiches 12,800 WON
Hoehyeon – Myeongdong 1,150 WON

Money Saving Tip; If you plan on visiting more than one palace I would recommend buying the combination ticket (adult 10,000 WON) which allows you access to the 4 palaces as well as Jongmyo Ancestral Shrine (I think you need to purchase a separate ticket for the Secret Garden Tour, however I am unsure)

Eden doing another flower impression

Eden doing another flower impression

Myeongdong – Hyehwa subway 1,150 WON
Naksan Park J FREE
Ihwa Maeul J FREE
Dunkin Donuts (1 muffin/1 donut/2 hot chocos)/td>

9,300 WON
Jongo 5(o)ga – Jamsil-dong subway 1,150 WON
Lotte World 1 adult & 1 child 82,000 WON
Lunch at Lotte World 2 burger combo meals 13,000 WON
Lotte World Insect area 4,000 WON
Lotte World Souvenir Shop 1 soft toy 25,000 WON
Jamsil-dong – Myeongdong subway 1,150 WON
Nanta Theatre 1 adult & 1 child 108,000 WON
Nanta Theatre Coffee shop 1 hot choco & 1 juice 7,000 WON
Dinner 29,000 WON
32 CM ice-cream we came across the place selling these in Myeongdong I bet they sell them at other places though 3,000 WON

Money Saving Tip; Visit the Nanta Website for information on deal as it looked as though they have various offers throughout the month. Also, in order to receive a discount ticket (e.g. for a child) you will need to bring a passport for proof of age.

out of focus selfie!

out of focus selfie!

Myeongdong – Gyeongbokgung subway 1,150 WON
Gyeongbokgung Palace 1 adult (children under 6 free) 3,000 WON
Gyeongbokgung – Cheonggyecheon-ro we walked down passing Gwanghwamun Square FREE
Euljiro 3(sam)ga – Hongik Uni subway 1,150 WON
Hello Kitty Cafe drinks & cakes 28,500 WON
Hello Kitty Cafe toy for Clio 10,000 WON
Hongdae Street Art walked the streets of Hongdae looking at all the art FREE
Mustoy Cafe incls. free drinks (coffee/juice etc) 15,000 WON
Hongdae Free Market only runs from Mar-Nove. Fun to just walk around looking at all the different artists FREE
Hongdae Free Market we purchased a hand drawn Christmas Card! 3,000 WON
Lunch 2 adults mains & way too much food! 24,000 WON
Hongik – Children’s Grand Park subway 1,150 WON
Childrens Grand Park free to enter and walk around some things costs though (rides etc) FREE
Peter Pan Animal Show not in English but still really enjoyable (1 adult & 1 child) 11,500 WON
Childrens Grand Park – Myeongdong subway 1,150 WON
Dinner 2 mains & drinks 23,000 WON

Seoul day 2 (5 of 13)

Myeongdong – Seoul Central Station subway 1,150 WON
Seoul Central Station – Seoul Incheon Airport Airport Express 14,900 WON
lunch at airport 13,000 WON
52,300 971,300 1,333

As you can see I definitely didn’t do Seoul on the cheap, I know if we had eaten street food and didn’t go to Lotte World we would have spent quite a bit less but having said that I don’t regret anything that we did because I had such a fantastic time with my little lady and not only did I want to spoil her with my time but I wanted to give her a few treats; which she most definitely got!


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    • I always feel a bit odd putting this information out there but its always something I search for prior to a trip and often find nothing/not exactly what I am looking for, so I hope by doing it it helps people plan for their own trip and even better maybe inspire others to take a trip!


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