Fields of Cosmos

cosmos field (3 of 5)

I wanted to share a few photos from our trip today to the gorgeous cosmos fields in Kin Town; which we found thanks to my blogger friend over at Inspiration.Sparks.

cosmos field (4 of 5)

The fields aren’t hard to find at all, but not really knowing the area well we kept second guessing ourselves as to whether we were going the right direction or not, as it turns out we were on the right track in the first place…then we turned around.

cosmos field (2 of 5)

Of course once we found them the girls were both tired, hungry and grumpy so they weren’t exactly happy to have their photo taken, but we made the most of it and looks as though we might have to make another trip so that I can get the ‘photo I want’ which I am not complaining about because the cosmos really are gorgeous.

cosmos field 5

We attempted a family photo…and failed.

family photo attempt

family photo attempt

We attempted a selfie family photo…and failed.

selfie attempt

selfie attempt

In the end we put the camera away and just ran around and had fun.

cosmos field 4

Okinawa folk, if your thinking about going to see this field…do it before it is too late.

I would give you my directions but I think you would all end up lost, so instead, here are some directions posted today on the Map it! Okinawa Facebook page;

cosmos field 3

N 26 27.552 E 127 52.796
Driving Directions. Located south of Camp Hansen (about 10 minutes by car)near Highway 329. Look for the Esso Gas Station (only Esso station in Igei). The Cosmo fields will be on the other side of the road in the rice fields.

cosmos field 2


3 responses to “Fields of Cosmos

  1. Oh my gosh! Amazingly beautiful. Love it, most of all the failed family pics because it looks like you were having fun trying!

    • Haha Carrie yeah we usually have a laugh when we do timer photos…hopefully one day they will actually work!

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