“Gold Flakes & Dried Fish” Nenpou-ji Temple, Okinawa

New Years day last year you may remember we did as locals did and visited a shrine and while we were completely lost as to what to do we really enjoyed the experience so this year we decided to repeat it but with a twist…

Instead of visiting a shrine we decided to visit a temple instead!

Kids playing at Nenpou-ji Temple

Kids playing at Nenpou-ji Temple

We did contemplate going to Futenma Shrine (which is just around the corner) and we even said maybe we would visit both the shrine and the temple but as we were on our way to Nenpou-ji Temple we quickly decided against the shrine for the simple fact that the lines were bonkers; literally wrapping around corners and parking would have been horrific!

Nenpou-Ji Temple, is a littler further than Futenma but still only a short drive from our house, although finding it took a little bit. We knew we were in the right location but just couldn’t quite work out the directions, as it turned out its sort of tucked away on a side street.

Nenpou-ji Temple

There were kids hitting a ball within the Temple grounds but other than that it was so peaceful, no lines to contend with and parking was a breeze, in fact there was only one other group of people visiting at the same time as us!

As usual we looked lost and wandered around not really sure what to do but before long the workers, whom were over the moon by our visit, found someone to translate the process to us and again we did as locals.

Nenpou-ji Temple

We each took our turn at going up and selecting a small cup with one of the 12 zodiac symbols on it, they would then fill the cup with water sprinkle some gold flakes and we were offered it to drink! (they also had an alcohol option but we went with water!)

Once we had our drink we were then ushered over to a gentlemen who gave us gifts of food! The girls each got a bag which contained clementines and various other Japanese snacks (including some chocolate covered one which both girls were fans of!) while Matt & I got a box each of these delicious crackers as well as an envelope of dried fish!

Nenpou-ji Temple

We didnt wander around the Temple but we did spend a few minutes watching the kids play their game before heading home. Eden was particularly entertained by them!

It wasn’t my favorite temple but it sure was one of the friendliest!


2 responses to ““Gold Flakes & Dried Fish” Nenpou-ji Temple, Okinawa

  1. We drove on that road the last day of the New Years celebrations and it was absolutely CRAZY! The line to go into Futenma shrine was soo huge! Maybe we’ll do this next year 😉

    • We did futenma last year but i dont remember it being so crazy…although we did go quite early in the morning and we had a stroller so we skipped part of the lines!

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