Eden turned 5!!

Eden woke this morning to 29 (not 30 because we were ripped off) gold balloons hanging from her bedroom ceiling, why? because it’s her birthday!

We usually just throw balloons on the ground in the girls rooms for their birthday but Eden has come to expect that so we needed to mix it up a little, she was impressed.

Matt & I stayed up way too getting ready to celebrate our precious Eden so when 7am rolled around and the girls woke, neither of us were too thrilled to be getting up.

After a light breakfast & present opening we headed to Cinnabon for some cinnamon rolls; unfortunately we discovered too late that we didn’t have all the ingredients for Matt’s grandma’s cinnamon rolls which Matt makes for birthdays and Christmas, but we couldn’t let that stop us from getting Eden her birthday cinnamon roll fix.

For lunch Eden requested noodles (udon) from her favorite noodle places and then we came home to relax before heading bowling with our friends (who also happen to live in the same apartment block as us, so handy).

The rest of the day was meant to be filled with laughter, home made pizza & cake, with the above friends, unfortunately only minutes after arriving home from bowling, Clio fell off Eden’s bed and either hit her face on the wooden bed frame or the floor.

Whichever it was, it won. Clio had a bloody nose, some red scratches/marks and a little swelling and already some light bruising.

So it wasn’t exactly the day we had planned for Eden but she still had fun and is just so excited to be 5 and magically she can now reach the button for the 9th floor in the elevator which she is convinced is because she is now 5.


13 responses to “Eden turned 5!!

  1. Another birthday wish Eden. So sorry Clio got a little banged up and put a little damper on your day, but know her big sister is forgiving.

  2. Hanna. Wondered where the pics were. Saw the video after I posted. So cool. So great to see this with you all so far away. Give both the girls a big hug.

    • Will do Mr C, we are all getting excited to see you NEXT MONTH, then you can hug them yourself!

    • Hi Mum, yeah Clio is fine, the next day Eden fell off the same bad and got the fattest lip ever, then that night Clio rolled out of her bed! I don’t know what is happening with these kids and their beds! Skype tonight, we will be home and free 🙂

  3. Sorry Clio, got banged up! Oh my gosh nothing worse than getting hurt! But glad Eden had a wonderful day! Oh my gosh I’m only a year and a half from my little guy turning 5! Ugh then we’ll have orders in our hands by then.

    They grow way too fast!

    • It goes way to fast Dina and yesterday I went and enrolled her in kindergarten, I was really fighting back the tears as I walked away!

  4. Happy BIRTHDAY, Eden!! Yay for our girls being birthday twins…and for you and I laboring at the exact same time on opposite sides of the world!

  5. Happy 5th Birthday Eden! I can’t believe how old you are getting. I am glad you had a good day. Have Clio give you a kiss from all the Fischers and then you can give Clio a kiss from us since she got hurt. We love you!
    Hannah, thanks for the video, it made me laugh and cry!

    • You wouldn’t believe it cathy but yesterday eden fell off the same bed and now she has a fat lip and bruised mouth!

  6. Our poor girls. Tell them grandma says to get better soon and don’t hurt their smiles any more. Love you all.

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