Nakijin Castle Ruins

Fun Flying Four Nakijin Castle  (1 of 1)

Last Saturday did not go according to plan whatsoever. Without going into all the details it went a little something like this; no milk or bread for breakfast, an all day scheduled power outage topped off by one kidddo throwing up in my car on the way to basketball.

view from pizza in the sky

view from pizza in the sky

So when Sunday rolled around Matt & I were both chomping at the bit to get out of the house. We settled on driving North to check out the World Heritage site of Nakijin-jo Castle Ruins and eating at the much talked about Pizza in the Sky for lunch.

delicious food and the funky menu at Pizza in the sky

delicious food and the funky menu at Pizza in the sky

We made it to Pizza in the Sky for midday which resulted in a estimated wait of 40-50 minutes although we only ended up having to wait about 25-30, phew, because we were all pretty peckish.

Fun Flying Four Nakijin Castle  (2 of 3)

Pizza in the sky is a restaurant situated on top of a hill (or Mountain if you ask Eden. She rode her bike today up a very slight, like 6 inch incline and exclaimed I just rode up a mountain!) which provides you with glorious views.

the sugarcane

the sugarcane

As far as the menu goes you simply order pizza in one of 2 sizes or salad (or in our case both). For the toppings, well they only serve one delicious type of pizza, however you can ask for toppings to be removed if you don’t fancy them!

Clio was pleased with her 'balancing'

Clio was pleased with her ‘balancing’

After lunch we headed straight for the castle knowing we only had a short window before Clio got cranky because of nap time, or lack of.



The entry fee is a reasonable 400 Yen per adult (300 Yen for school age children, free for pre-school age) and that includes entrance to both the ruins as well as the Nakijin Village History & Culture Centre.

Fun Flying Four Nakijin-jo

As we made our way towards the castle site we passed a stall doing something with sugarcane…as it turns out they were making it into some kind of drink. Matt got a free sample and did not like it; Eden downed the rest in one go and wanted more!

Fun Flying Four Nakijin-jo 1

These probably weren’t my favorite ruins, maybe I am just all castled out since we have done a fair few of them lately but it was probably one of our most fun castle adventures because both girls were so into exploring on their own.

Fun Flying Four Nakijin-jo 9

Recently Eden has started to really enjoy hiking and Clio, well, Clio constantly impresses us with her eagerness to walk and we are constantly impressed (or unimpressed) with her climbing skills…all while in bare feet; she does start out with shoes on, they just never make it out of the car.

Fun Flying Four Nakijin-jo 10

The girls are also both really into picking flowers, its cute, but its also really annoying as they always pick them right before getting in the car…and then they, like Clio’s shoes, never leave the car and I have a backseat full of dead flowers.

Fun Flying Four Nakijin-jo 4

Eden particularly spent a good chunk of time searching for small flowers to pick (more the weed variety…we don’t encourage picking flowers from a garden!) and Clio spent a lot of time copying whatever Eden was doing.

picking flowers

picking flowers

The funniest moment was when Eden started running towards her sister, just as Matt & I yelled out “don’t run you will trip” she fell, so what does she do jump straight back up, with tears, and starts running towards us instead. Again, just as we yell “don’t run you will trip”, she falls for a second time. What’s even funnier is that Matt filmed it on the go-pro…

the girls off exploring

the girls off exploring

After a good hour exploring we headed back to the History & Culture centre where they have loads of interesting artifacts that were excavated from the site and old photographs.

Clio's flower collection

Clio’s flower collection

So another successful family day out and another item crossed of the bucket list!

finished our adventure with ice cream

finished our adventure with ice cream


13 responses to “Nakijin Castle Ruins

  1. Ah! Is your blog different? It is, right?! I love the Oki Bucket List. 🙂 Start doing “Oki Fun Days” like we do (at least once a week) and you’ll knock that out in no time!

    • Lol no not different at all….i would love to change it though it just overwhelms me so I am ignoring it! I started the bucket list when we moved…my problem is i add more to it than i cross off!

  2. I’m sorry I cracked up laughting at Eden’s fall x2~ Oh my gosh and her face too like “I fell comfort me!” then she face plants again! Poor baby!

    What a beautiful place!!

    • I am not even sure Matt knew the go pro was on, I think it was after the event that we realized!

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