Taipei with kids | Itinerary & budget

Fun Flying Four  Taipei Itinerary and Budget (1 of 1)

Remember a couple months a go the girls & I ventured off to Taipei for a long weekend? Well I have finally crunched the numbers to see how much our little getaway cost! (I actually forgot I hadn’t done this and just came across the neat pile of receipts this week).


Peach | includes 1 checked bag each way, 1 adult, 1 child, 1 infant $192.00
Taiwan Taiyuan Airport – city centre return airport bus | TWD 270, kids free $8.64
4 nights accommodation in an AirBnB property $300.00
Easycard (MTR & snacks) | TWD 500 $ 16.00
Meals | breakfast, lunch, dinner & loads of snacks $105.09


Lungshan Temple FREE
Bopiliao Ancient Street FREE
Qingshan Temple FREE
Ximen Red House FREE
Ximen Red House (stickers, souvenirs & gifts) | TWD 280 $ 8.96


*Maokong Gondola (Taipei Stn – Maokong Stn) | TWD 50, kids free $ 1.60
*Maokong Gondola (Maokong Stn – Taipei Zoo South) | TWD 40, kids free $ 1.28
*Taipei Zoo | TWD 60, kids free $ 1.92
Taipei Zoo (gifts & souvenirs) | TWD 640 $ 20.48


Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial FREE
Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial (gifts, souvenirs & snacks | TWD 785 $ 25.12
Taipei 101 | TWD 500, kids free $ 16.00
Taipei 101 (souvenir photo) | TWD 600 $19.12


Daan Park FREE
Shilin Night Market FREE
Shilin Night Marker (souvenir) | TWD 80 $ 2.56

At the time my girls were both younger than 5, which is why I think they didn’t have to pay for much, I believe once you have school age children things like the zoo & Taipei 101 will incur a cost!

All the souvenir and gift items are pretty much for Matt! I felt really guilty that not only was he not coming with us but we left ON HIS BIRTHDAY, so we did splurge and buy him a few things we usually wouldn’t!

If Matt was with me and if had more time, we definitely would have made a trip to Taroko Gorge, it looks amazing and I hear nothing but positive things about it (my blogger friend Kassie visited back in 2013, you can read about her experience HERE)

I also would have done a day trip to Shifen Old Street to take lots of photos and of course release a sky lantern! (Laura made a cute little video of her time there which you can watch HERE) and lastly I would have liked to do a food tour!

I think Taipei is a great place to visit from Okinawa, especially with kids; its a short flight (and you can usually grab some great ticket prices through Peach) I found it very stroller friendly, all the subway stations have lifts in them, and its really cheap with loads to do!

*I actually used the easy card to pay for these items, but separated it out here just so you could see how much things cost. If you do go definitely get the Easycard it really is super handy!


5 responses to “Taipei with kids | Itinerary & budget

  1. Oh wow how neat!!! I would love to go there! But first Japan! That’s great the trip was so affordable for doing all that if you went some where in the states you’d be spending close to $2000 in just airline tickets!

    • Taipei was really neat, different from Japan which was nice! Matt & I love to travel but try to do it on the cheap as much as possible otherwise we wouldn’t be able to do it! I am excited to live in America one day so we can go on fun road trips!

      • Oh you are gonna love it. I’ve been trying to talk my husband into forgoing a home and just buy a super charged RV so we can roam the states at our will. Haven’t worked out the mail situation though. 😛

    • I know when I research travels I like to get a good idea about how much it ACTUALLY is going to cost, which is why I started doing it (and as it turns out are usually my most popular posts!) but also I really want to show people that travel can be affordable 🙂

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