Biking the Seawall…sort of!

Eden got a bike for her 4th birthday, sadly it has had minimal use, in fact she has just about outgrown it without hardly ever riding it; the joys of living on the ninth floor combined with laziness (on my part, not hers!)

Clio not happy to be in the bike trailer

Clio not happy to be in the bike trailer

Lately I have been making more of an effort to get the bike out of our ‘garage’ a.k.a storage unit and letting her practice and surprisingly she has got pretty good.

Eden biking!

Eden biking!

So good that one day last month I took both girls down to the seawall to let Eden ride her bike, while I pushed Clio on one of those trike things.

looking back to Araha beach...where we started

looking back to Araha beach…where we started

It was on this bike ride Eden & I came up with the brilliant idea of doing a family ride. Our plan was to head to Araha early one morning with our bikes and the bike trailer for Clio, ride along stopping at cafe’s along the way (pancakes for breakfast, a snack here etc) until we got to the Sunabe end of the seawall, eat lunch, then head back.

having a wee break

having a wee break

Last Monday Matt had a random day off work so we decided to attempt it, however upon waking up I remembered that Matt’s JCI was coming up (JCI is some Japanese vehicle inspection similar to a NZ WOF but costs a pretty penny) and it would make sense for him to spend the morning doing this…amazingly it passed.

and a little snack for energy (notice the sweat drips!)

and a little snack for energy (notice the sweat drips!)

Our new plan was to do the ride after Clio’s nap and stopping for snacks & dinner instead.

Well Clio didn’t nap which was actually great because we were eager to make a start on our bike ride, but it also meant she was a total crab and didn’t want to sit in the bike trailer!

another little break

another little break

It took Matt & I both to hold her down & get her strapped in and then the only way she would stay happy was if Matt was riding.

looking at Sunset Beach

looking at Sunset Beach

As soon as I started cycling I realized what a terrible idea this was because quite frankly not only do I not enjoy riding bikes, I suck at it because I am afraid! I even have a ‘kids’ bike because I wanted one where I easily touch the ground with my feet, I am sad to say that even on my kids bike my feet barely make it to the ground.

Wanting to set a good example for Eden, I pedaled on, reluctantly.

the seawall

the seawall

We only made it from Araha to the beginning of Sunset Beach (maybe about 1/4 of the distance I wanted to go), ha, what was I thinking that we would get all the way to Sunabe end AND back!

Fun Flying Four Biking the Seawall Okinawa (9 of 14)

The problem was, it was really hot, and being surrounded by water and one kid who just LOVES being in the water bike riding just didn’t have the same appeal as it once had.

Eden getting her feet wet (shoes & all)

Eden getting her feet wet (shoes & all)

We decided to park up the bikes at Sunset Beach grab some non-alcholic cocktails for the girls and spent an hour hanging out at the beach.

Fun Flying Four Biking the Seawall Okinawa (11 of 14)

The ride back to Araha took a lot longer than any of us wanted, especially Eden who was completely wet from being fully emerged in the water and I suspect was experiencing some chaffing of sorts!

at Sunset Beach

at Sunset Beach

With lots of breaks and large doses of encouragement we made it to Bear’s a Hawaiin style restaurant, minus one pair of flip flops! (Matt even ran the same route a few days later to search for his favorite pair of flip flops, they were no where to be seen).



Needless to say I think Eden & I need a bit more cycling experience before we attempt the Araha-Sunabe-Araha ride, which I am determined to do before we leave (and preferably before Clio want’s her own bike).

Fun Flying Four Biking the Seawall Okinawa (14 of 14)


17 responses to “Biking the Seawall…sort of!

    • He has those bike shoes that clip into the pedals on his bike, but when we got to the beach he switched into his flip flops and I guess when we went to leave and he switched back instead of packing them he just left them there! The sad thing is he has had them his entire military career lol, 12 years and been all over the world and now they are long gone!

  1. Oh my goodness I love everything about this post!!! I knew we were friends for all sorts of reasons and our fear of bikes is yet another! My poor E hasn’t learned either because of me! But I told Adam just the other day that we had to start family biking. We’ll see…
    Way to go, Hannah! You’re braver than I!

    • Lol Erin, I never knew you had a fear of bikes, too funny! I love the idea of it, then any time I actually get on a bike I am like ‘what was I thinking?’

      • Exactly! I had a bad experience in college and now I’m just afraid to getting on one again! But it looks so fun and convenient…sigh.

  2. Tell Matt that if he didn’t have authentic cycling shoes (like the shoe hound he is), he never would have lost those flip flops. 🙂
    Also, laughed out loud at the chafing comment. Poor baby! When Sophie was about 6 we road 20 miles round trip. Her little legs never stopped moving because her tires were so much smaller. The rest of us could coast at times but not Sophie. I didn’t appreciate it until later how much harder the ride must have been for her. I’m sure Eden was in the same boat! And Clio….she will probably get a bike and leave you all in her dust! (like next year!)

    • lol Carrie I will let him know that! I can’t believe you guys biked 20 miles WITH a 6 year old Sophie…she did awesome, you all did! I think it would take our family a long time to achieve that haha, although I think you might be right about Clio…she has just about mastered pedaling!

  3. Well, Hannah, Carol isn’t excited about bikes either. Matt used to love riding, guess the calluses have worn off. Love Edens look. Think you made a good decision to enjoy the beach. Keep um coming.

    • I think Matt would like to bike more than he does but I guess its hard for him when I am so reluctant! Beach is always a good time and thankfully we are surrounded by so many of them!

    • I know and all winter I complained about how cold it was and kept asking for summer and this past week with the humidity creepy up I am quickly reminded just how warm Oki can get!

  4. Well it happens right? 🙂 I’m glad you guys still managed to have fun regardless!

    Looks like you all had a totally amazing day!

    Ohhhhh JCI. I totally just junked my car because the JCI was going to cost more then what I actually bought my car for but it only cost 5000 yen to junk it. Hahah so horrible!

    • If you saw Matt’s car you would understand how shocking it was that it passed! Mine is due in Sept, eek!

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