Our Travel Bucket List while in Okinawa

This may be my favorite post EVER to write!

For starters I LOVE lists, I write a list for everything and often re-write them for no other reason than ‘just because’.

Secondly I (or we) LOVE to travel, so a list dedicated to traveling just plain excites me!

Fun Flying Four Cambodia

Phnom Penh, Cambodia August 2015

I actually have this list written in several places and, yes, I have re-written it multiple times but I have never posted our travel wish list on the blog and I am really interested to know what would be on your wish list if you lived in Okinawa!

First up our top ten places to visit in Asia and our combined top ten; I weighted each of our choices to come up with the combined list, and this is the list we work towards since it takes into account both of our want’s!

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai, Thailand

photo courtesy of Mickele of i’m having fun now

Nepal Nepal Nepal
Cambodia Cambodia Cambodia
Vietnam Hong Kong Vietnam
Myanmar Thailand Thailand
Bali Vietnam Bali
Laos Mongolia Hong Kong
Thailand Bali Myanmar
Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan
Hong Kong China (Beijing) Mongolia
South Korea Maldives Laos

(*The girls & I went to Taiwan earlier this year but Matt was unable to come, hence why his isn’t crossed off…yet!)

rice fields, Bali

rice fields, Bali

photo courtesy of Annie over at Annie Writes.

We also have a list for our top 5 places to visit within Japan. We both really struggled with only choosing five because I don’t think either of us have seen a picture of somewhere in Japan that we have not wanted to go, it all looks so beautiful!

Kyoto Nagano Kyoto
Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo
Hiroshima Kyoto Hiroshima
Hokkaido Hiroshima Nagano
Outer Okinawan Islands Mt Fuji Hokkaido

(*The girls and I did Osaka & Hiroshima Spring Break 2016, but again Matt wasn’t able to join in on the fun, hence why Hiroshima isn’t crossed off his list) 

If all goes to plan we hope to knock off a few of these this year and we are also getting excited about a long overdue visit ‘down under’ to New Zealand (and possibly Australia) within the next 18 months.

Realistically we wont be able to complete all of our lists in the next 2.5 years but you can guarantee we will do our best to get to them all…if not now, one day thats for sure!

Fun Flying Four_

Halong Bay, Vietnam August 2015

So tell us, what would be on your list? Are there any places you think we are missing or that you think we should skip?!

(I have to give a big shout out to my fellow blogger friends for sharing their photos with me! If you are in Okinawa, blog and want to join our blogger group, look us up on Facebook “Bloggers of Okinawa”)


14 responses to “Our Travel Bucket List while in Okinawa

  1. So fun! I want to go to Australia or New Zealand for sure and Hong Kong. I love lists too. I’m glad you are beginning to cross things off the list. Even if you aren’t able to go during your time there at least you’ll have gotten to explore more then if you lived in the states you know?

    • I’ll definitely get that Hk info to you I haven’t forgotten I promise! NZ is pretty awesome but I may be a bit biased!

  2. I’m sad we didn’t travel more while we were there, but it just never worked out. That and my husband didn’t have a passport. That would have been helpful. Make the most of it while you are there!

    • We were lucky to live in England for 6 years where traveling around Europe was so easy and cheap….it isn’t the same here in Okinawa which we find hard but we definitely try to head away as often as time/money allows!

    • Definitely do it! Lists are the best! Is there anywhere on our list that you have been to that we should go?

  3. Bali was definitely on my list, but it will have to wait until we find our way back to SEA. I love this – such a great idea! I wonder what our lists would look like…

    • I don’t know how I missed your comment 😦 I’m sorry you didn’t make it to Bali this time around, but I have no doubt that you will someday.

      • Bali, Cambodia, Thailand, Beijing, Hong Kong, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, India. But sadly, Adam is not on board for most of them So we will probably only get Hong Kong and the mainland ones done. But HEY, we are grateful just to be here!!

      • Absolutely! I was literally just thinking that this morning! I need to remind myself more often that even if we don’t get to all the places I want to go (which I VeRY likely) we are here living in Japan and that in itself is more than awesome!

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