The Art of Travel

Around the World in 80 Pairs of Shoes & some other lovely bloggers host a monthly travel link-up which I have participated in once before a long long time a go.  It was about time I jumped in again and I really couldn’t help myself because the theme this month is souvenirs.

I am always intrigued by what other people collect for souvenirs; I remember reading once about someone who buys a Dr Seuss book in every country they visit in the national language!

I have already talked about the postcards I write for Eden but I am yet to share what Matt & I pick up for souvenirs along the way.

Our preferred sourviner is art. So far we have 8 pieces in our collection, although 2 are from the same country!  I would LOVE to have an entire wall filled with art from places we have been.

our art wall

our art wall

Have you watched the Paddington movie? there is a scene which takes place in the hallway of their house which is completely lined floor to ceiling in frames, as soon as I saw that I was like ‘oh I wish that was our hallway’ (with the frames holding art from our travels of course!)

Amsterdam,  Netherlands ; 2008

Amsterdam, Netherlands ; 2008

The first two pieces in our collection are from Amsterdam way back in 2008; this was on the same trip that Matt & I met (the first time we met not the second).

Amsterdam, Netherlands : 2008

Amsterdam, Netherlands : 2008

Next up is the smallest piece which we got in Krakow, Poland in 2010 from the Open Air Art Gallery, it was a rainy day and they kept covering the pictures up to protect them!

Krakow, Poland : 2010

Krakow, Poland : 2010

Later that year we spent Thanksgiving in Prague, Czech Republic and picked up this piece of the gorgeous Charles Bridge.

Prague, Czech Republic : 2010

Prague, Czech Republic : 2010

We actually didn’t buy this next piece but were given it by our wedding coordinaters; its a water color of the castle in which we got married in Malcesine, Lake Garda, Italy.  We were planning on acquiring a piece anyway, which was why this one makes our ‘souvenir wall’ despite us not actually purchasing it!

Malcesine, Lake Garda, Italy : 2012

Malcesine, Lake Garda, Italy : 2012

In 2013 we stopped by a small art gallery whilst in the Algarve, Portugal and grabbed this unique tile piece which represents the region so beautifully.

Algarve, Portugal : 2013

Algarve, Portugal : 2013

The most recent to the collection and possibly my favorite is the crane painted on washi paper which we bought last year on a trip to Hong Kong.

notice the large crane on the right hand side...Hong Kong : 2014

notice the large crane on the right hand side…Hong Kong : 2014

We don’t always find something that we like which is why there isn’t a piece for every place we have been; after all if its not something that we can live with seeing everyday its not worth the money.

The artwork doesn’t always come in the form of painting either…

The yellow pottery jug we found in the small town of Lindos in Rhodes, Greece & the 2 Kokeshi Dolls are made here in Okinawa!

Fun Flying Four Souvenir  (9 of 10)

Last year we started collecting masks too;

The small one at the top is from Blake Island, Washington, a paper mache fox to represent Kyoto and my favorite of the 3, the Hahoe mask that Eden and I found from our girls trip to Seoul, South Korea.

Fun Flying Four Souvenir  (8 of 10)

Matt & I would really love to increase our art wall when we visit Cambodia & Vietnam later this year!

Do you collect any type of souvenir?


22 responses to “The Art of Travel

    • I love postcards too! I write one to my daughter everywhere we go and then keep them in a box for her to one day look back on!

  1. You’ll love the paintings in Vietnam! You can get a custom one or some that they already have done. They are known for their recreations so be on the lookout!! I have the name of the place we went to and they gave us wonderful prices. 🙂

    • I ❤ the kokeshi dolls, they are made down south by people with disabilities BUT you can now find them in different stores on island and I believe somewhere in the new mall! otherwise if you ever want to take a trip down south let me know 🙂

  2. I actually regret not picking something up from the places I’ve been, and I’ve travelled a lot in my life. I did pick up a great wooden jewelry box from Zanzibar, lugged it around the Masai Mara with me! Love the idea of picking up art!

    • the jewelry box sounds awesome! I do wish I picked up things from everywhere we went, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out and I take LOADS of photos so at least I will always have them; well apart from the years that got lost when my hard drive died and I hadn’t backed up!

  3. Love this – I am always so tempted to take art home with me, but am never confident in transporting it safely! How did you keep your prints from getting wrinkled in transit? Or do you send them home ahead of time? I’d love to know!

    • All of them were unframed when we bought them but they sellers have ALWAYS packaged them pretty good; between cardboard then wrapped in newspaper etc etc and then we just take them as carry on (we tend to only bring 1 carry on for our family of 4 so bringing one piece of art back is pretty easy). The big crane was all folded when we got that, so it was only the size of maybe an A4 piece of paper, so that too was easy (and since it has been framed the creases have gone!) I guess if they were framed when we purchased them we would maybe send them home ahead of time for weight reasons, or again just bring it as carry on!

    • yay for fellow art collectors! Do you have them spread all over your house or just one wall?

  4. Nope. I just collect memories. I think from this point in our lives I would like to start a travel wall. Of photographs I’ve taken of our trips to places as a family. I’ll have to start looking through my old photos from 2 and a half years ago. We started traveling with our son when he didn’t have to get synergis shots anymore which was around 8 or 9 months. First trip was Seattle and cruising up to Alaska.

    Thanks you’ve really inspired me Hanna!

    • I always think about printing photos but I take so many (as I am sure you can relate) and I can never pic favorites OR I am too critical! I am actually TERRIBLE at printing/framing photos, I have 1 that I have taken and about 5 other random ones (school pic’s etc) and that is it! I do a photo book every year, for the past 5 years, and we look at them often, but I would like to start printing/framing a few more.

  5. loving the walls of your house! And I also loved the hallway in Paddington – but I liked the trees on the stairway even more, how did they do that, so cool

    • I need to watch the movie again to see the trees! I have only caught glimpses of the movie when my girls are watching it!

      • as a mid 30’s young lady i have personally watched it 3 times now – twice on the same (champagne fuelled) flight and then when i bought the dvd… oh do i look like a basket case now!

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