Cousin time, Lacrosse & Amish Country; Rochester, MN

Fun Flying Four Rochester MN 2

After Oakland (and spending a couple days back in Lincoln) we headed up to Hastings, Nebraska just for 1 night and sadly I took no photos despite it being a rather cool reason for the visit!

Fun Flying Four Rochester MN 8

My father-in-law, Mr C, was inducted into his hometown baseball hall of fame; how neat is that?! Clio sat on my knee the entire evening and as such it wasn’t the most relaxing night for myself, however it was super special to be there along with the entire Curtis clan, bar 1 grandchild and Matt who was back here in Japan.

at Sophie's Lacrosse game

at Sophie’s Lacrosse game

Since my sister-in-law Carrie was down from Minnesota for this awesome occasion, the girls and I decided to hitch a ride back with her to spend the best part of a week with Carrie and her family.

Fun Flying Four Rochester MN 3

Carrie’s youngest child, Lu, is the closest cousin in age to Eden so naturally the two of them had lots of giggles; when Lu wasn’t at school of course!

Fun Flying Four Rochester MN 4

We made it to the small but free, Oxbow Park and Zollman Zoo, our third zoo of the trip!  The weather was gorgeous that day that we wished we had brought a picnic with us, unfortunately we only thought about it as we were walking around the grounds.

Oxbow Park & Zollman Zoo

Oxbow Park & Zollman Zoo

I have had a little obsession with the Amish for many years now which Carrie has known about so one day she drove us to Harmony, MN also known as Amish Country! We did a do-it-yourself tour where we rented a c.d. which directed us where to, gave us descriptions of each of the owners of the farms & what they sold as well as other interesting facts.

Oxbow Park & Zollman Zoo

Oxbow Park & Zollman Zoo

We stopped by a few farms and bought a few bits & bobs but probably the highlight for me was after lunch on our way back home seeing some buggy’s!  I did take a few pictures but mostly they were taken in secret because Amish do not like getting their photo taken!

Harmony, Amish Country

Harmony, Amish Country

The rest of week went by in a flash; we got in a little shopping (including a trip to Ikea!), a few naps and lots of cousin time. Just like with the rest of the family, Eden was pretty sad to be leaving Carrie’s house when it was time for us to head back down to Nebraska to stay with the last of 3 Aunt’s before making our way back to Japan!

Fun Flying Four Rochester MN 7


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    • I’m just sad I never took my camera to the big event! I thought the lighting wouldn’t be great, as it turned out I could have easily brought the camera…next time!

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