Camping : Okinawa Main Island

just arrived! my poor little car well overpacked!

just arrived! my poor little car well overpacked!

Ever since our first camping adventure on ‘love island’ we have been itching to do it again; plus I worked out that we needed to do two nights camping in our tent in order for us to get our monies worth out of the tent!

Matt & the girls setting up the tent

Matt & the girls setting up the tent

they LOVE zipping & unzipping the tent

they LOVE zipping & unzipping the tent

The weather forecast here has been really weird and completely wrong…at one point there were thunderstorms forecasted for the next 5 days; we didn’t get one.

Fun FLying FOur Camping Okinawa  (4 of 21)Fun FLying FOur Camping Okinawa  (5 of 21)Being the sensible parents we are, we ignored the thundering weather forecast and went camping anyway, although instead of going back to Kouri Island we ventured to a new spot on the East side of the island which our friends told us about.

Fun FLying FOur Camping Okinawa  (7 of 21)The spot was fantastic; it has a designated camping area on grass, which Eden was very pleased about knowing that the waves wouldn’t reach our tent, picnic tables for each camp spot, toilets & even showers (although the mens shower didn’t work, we didn’t bother trying the female one).

searching for treasures

searching for treasures

Fun FLying FOur Camping Okinawa  (9 of 21)

Not only that, the beach is right there, it has the perfect mix of sand and rocks/coral/sea glass which our little treasure hunters loved, it’s free and the best part….its gorgeous!

Fun FLying FOur Camping Okinawa  (10 of 21)Fun FLying FOur Camping Okinawa  (11 of 21)

When we arrived there were already a group of campers set up down one end, they only had 1 tent but there were probably about 30 of them altogether.  I later worked out that many slept in their cars or even on the beach! Anyway we set up camp the opposite end so not to disturb them!

Fun FLying FOur Camping Okinawa  (12 of 21)

After Matt and his two assistants put the tent up we headed straight for the beach to swim and explore; Clio has this habit of finding the biggest (and often sharpest) pieces of sea glass for Matt to collect!

tired and hungry Clio

tired and hungry Clio

We threw together a quick dinner of pasta salad, watermelon & sandwiches and then Eden, who was on clean-up duty, did all the dishes, with no complaints I might add.

dinner time!

dinner time!

A few rounds of ‘find the unicorn shell’  later and we were ready to devour the essential camping dessert…s’mores.

Clio is recently potty trained, I wasn't sure if I should bring the potty or not, so pleased I did especially after seeing the HUGE huntsmen spider in the toilets!

Clio is recently potty trained, I wasn’t sure if I should bring the potty or not, so pleased I did especially after seeing the HUGE huntsmen spider in the toilets!

As the sun was setting the girls entertained themselves by watching hermit crabs, something they could have done for hours had we let them.

Fun FLying FOur Camping Okinawa  (16 of 21)

Just as we were getting ready for bed the other campers invited us to their campfire which they were yet to start, we politely said ‘we’ll see’  but as soon as we jumped in the tent we realized there was no chance of the girls going to sleep anytime soon…IT.WAS.SO.HOT.

Eden cleaning up the dishes!

Eden cleaning up the dishes!

Matt took the girls down to the campfire while I tried to catch some z’s! At 10 they returned and the tent was no cooler! It took ages for us to all get to sleep and when we finally did it was definitely a night of unbroken sleep.  Clio was miserably hot, made even hotter by the fact she refused to take her dress off (she had pajamas on and then changed back into a dress).

excited for s'mores

excited for s’mores

At 4.30am she was done, completely dripping in sweat she decided sleeping was overrated and I really didn’t blame her.  Shortly after Eden joined us and then a little after that Matt.

moon, moon,

moon, moon, moon…camera

We all got to watch the beautiful sunrise as well as the hundreds of crabs scurrying back to their homes.



A pancake breakfast fueled us for packing up and then of course more beach time.  All this and it wasn’t even 9am!

love those fluffy looking clouds!

love those fluffy looking clouds!

What I love about our camping trips is that we are learning with each one; products we need/don’t, meals that we like/don’t and despite the low of a terrible nights sleep we have so many more high moments.

We already have our next trip planned, although this time we are going for more than 1 night… Wish us luck!


17 responses to “Camping : Okinawa Main Island

    • you know it is super hot in the tent! I would say if Grif can handle a late night then just do it, wait till its pretty late to put him to bed! Eden can handle the odd late night, its Clio who is a mess but I am sure in a years time she will be better at it!

  1. Hannah, this looks so awesome! It sounds like you guys had a blast, I’d love to go there too (although, maybe when AJ is a little older..). This heat is definitely crazy, I can imagine how hot the tent got, but regardless it looks like a great time. Thanks for sharing!

    • I would so wait till it cools off for AJ’s sake BUT I do wish I had started taking our kids camping when they were babies. My friends started taking their kids at 6 weeks old and now they are pro’s! I think it is like anything if they don’t know any different then its no big deal!

    • I so want to go here, its on my list BUT I am scared of the snakes, I don’t know why I just keep thinking it looks like a snake kind of place hahaha! We have driven past the entrance a few times but never driven down the road. Maybe that will be our next camping trip after this one (we are heading to Izena Island for not one not 2 but 3 nights, eek!)

  2. Phew lucky you guys like to camp. If that is one thing….I hate camping. There is nothing in the world I can’t stand more then camping. I had my fill during warrior week in basic. I’m glad you had fun but too bad about the heat. It’s funny! The weather is so similar where they constantly say it’s going to rain or thunderstorm and then it just blows through.

    • lol funny! I camped quite a bit in NZ its a pretty common thing to do there over summer! I’m not sure about Matt but he seems to like it now…i’ll have to ask him about basic!

      • Ugrggghhhhh! I hated it! It was the worse to me! Surprise spiders in the showers and it was so cold the week we went so that pretty much ruined it for me. We used to came when I was in the girl schools as a child but every. single. time. I go camping the sky dumps all this rain on us and we ended up in the car for the night and no fun. So I just don’t take my chances…..

  3. this place looks great! I can’t sleep in heat, so we usually go camping when it’s cooler, but i’d love to go to this spot. you’ll have to share. The only place we’ve camped so far is miyagi. If you go there, i would recommend going a few streets past the hidden beach that kassie linked to- it’s the beach right around the corner, but the road is SO MUCH MORE manageable to get to. and no snakes 🙂

    • yes definitely, flick me a message when it gets a bit cooler/your wanting to go and I will send you a pin/directions. Thanks for the tip about Miyagi, I definitely need to go explore over there sometime!

    • Sadly I think we wont be camping for at least another few months, but the plus side is it should be a whole lot cooler!

  4. Hello, thank you for sharing your camping experience! Do you mind sharing where this is or how to get there? I’d like to check it out this weekend. Thanks!

  5. Hi! Your post looks great and it seemed like a lot of fun! Would you mind sharing the directions to this place? Would love to visit when I’m there!

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