Hiji Falls; waterfalls, snakes & river walking

Last month Matt took a day of leave for some random reason, apparently I asked him way back in March to take this particular day off but I have zero clue why!  Of course now that the day has been and gone I will probably remember what event was going on that was imperative we didn’t miss, but for now I still have no clue.

checking out the river below on the suspension bridge

checking out the river below on the suspension bridge

Naturally I said to just cancel the day of leave not wanting to ‘waste’ a precious vacation day but Matt wasn’t having any of that, which of course I don’t really blame him.

That morning we debated between going camping or doing ‘something else’; we decided to put off camping until the next day and that ‘something else’ turned into a family hike to Hiji Falls.

Fun Flying Four Hiji Falls Okinawa (2 of 7)

The little that I knew about Hiji Falls was that it was a paved hiked and not that long; perfect because Clio was going to have to be lugged about and I thought the paved paths would save us from snakes.

Hiji Falls

Hiji Falls

I didn’t get too many photos because carrying a tripod, a lightweight backpack and at times holding Eden’s hand prevented it, although the main reason was because I didn’t want to pull my attention away from a possible snake sighting.

Fun Flying Four Hiji Falls Okinawa (4 of 7)

Thankfully the only creepy crawlies we saw on the 1.5 kilometer trek to the waterfall was the odd (sometimes big) spider and a stick insect.

Once we reached the waterfall I was disappointed to see it roped off; I know I have seen photos of people swimming there so I am not sure if this is a temporary measure or if people simply jump the rope.

Fun Flying Four Hiji Falls Okinawa (5 of 7)

Regardless, the rule followers that we are we didn’t go for a dip.  Instead a few photos later and some much needed hydration we turned around for the walk back.

on the walk back (just after the snake!)

on the walk back (just after the snake!)

Unfortunately on the hike back it didn’t take long for Matt to spot a snake slithering across where we needed to walk.  We waited for it to pass and then hurriedly got out of there.

walking through the river, so much fun!

walking through the river, so much fun!

As soon as there was an opening we left the paved path for the much more refreshing option of walking back through the river.  This was definitely the highlight and a much easier & quicker option.

Once back at the trailhead we treated the girls to a well deserved shaved ice and did our family ‘du du duuuuhh’ for a job well done.


11 responses to “Hiji Falls; waterfalls, snakes & river walking

  1. We totally need to make it out there, never been (just another thing added to the list when AJ gets old enough to go out in the sun for extended periods of time)! Snakes are so scary, luckily I haven’t seen any out here yet!

    • I feel like I cross one thing off our list and then add another 5! How long are you here for again? Definitely when it cools down and you can throw AJ in a child carrier thing, go! Also, less chance of seeing snakes in the cooler weather!

  2. It was roped off when we were there in 2011. We hopped the rope like the locals were doing. We didn’t swim, but instead laid on that huge rock and enjoyed the views for a little bit. We went after a weekend at Okuma. I thought the stuff in our room said it was 5 minutes from the parking lot, but I’m guessing it was a minute minute drive from Okuma to the parking lot. We weren’t expecting the walk! I was in a skirt and flip flops, so really not expecting, but we made it.

    • interesting that its been roped off that long! It definitely felt like it was longer than 1.5km’s to the waterfall thats for sure!

  3. I’ve been wanting to go there. It looks beautiful. I wonder if we are more acclimated yet. 😉 The humidity is no fun.

    • You should definitely make the trip at some point! Walking back through the river was super refreshing!

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