Typhoons with kids | 5 family friendly activities

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Living in Okinawa typhoons are inevitable especially with a long ‘typhoon season’ running from June 1st to November 30th.  Of course some seasons are pretty quite while others are not!

I am constantly coming up with new ideas to entertain our family during times of lock-down as a way to make typhoons ‘exciting’ and take our minds off the fact we aren’t able to leave the house; because as soon as you say ‘hey no going outside’ all we seem to want to do is go outside.

Here are 5 tried and tested family-friendly activities

Caryola Window Colors

Caryola Window Colors


When we visited my sister-in-law in Minnesota earlier this year Eden noticed a little drawing on the window and was immediately curious.  Her Aunt pulled out these awesome window-colors and let her add her own drawing to the window.  I mentioned to Carrie how I thought these would be a great typhoon activity, quickly signed into amazon and ordered some.  They have been sitting on a high shelf waiting for a typhoon to hit so we could get them out.  We picked a window that wasn’t getting hammered by rain/wind and let the kids color all over it.  A definite hit and I know this will become a regular typhoon activity in our house.

the girls LOVED this activity...as did Matt!

the girls LOVED this activity…as did Matt!


Fort building I feel is the ultimate rainy day activity! We don’t tend to do this often and there is nothing better than having a comfy fort filled with snuggly blankets & a favorite family movie to watch when the weather outside is icky.

fort building!

fort building!


I first heard about this game when a friend posted a video of her husband and daughter playing it…it was hilarious, so I immediately ordered it (from here) and have been waiting for the perfect time to play.  If you haven’t heard of this game basically there are 10 different colored jelly beans but each color is either a good flavor (e.g. lime or peach) or a bad flavor (e.g. dog food or skunk spray) and until you pop that little bean in your mouth you have zero clue what you are going to get.  It was absolutely disgusting but SO funny too & great for all ages, although I should say Clio’s first bean was a bad flavor and she refused to eat any more after that!

Jelly Belly Bean Boozled...so gross but so much fun!

Jelly Belly Bean Boozled…so gross but so much fun!


Our kids LOVE being pampered, in fact we all quite like it. We had planned on having a nail-painting-hair-make-up party but it just turned into the girls getting their fingers and toes painted.  I visited the 100 yen store and stocked up on some cute little nail stickers which was a real treat for them.  Matt trimmed the girls nails (I have probably done this less than 5 times!) and then we each pampered a girl with painting and decorating their tiny nails.

mani's and pedi's

mani’s and pedi’s


When Eden was little we used to play a lot of board games but since having Clio we definitely don’t do it any near as much.  Possibly its because we live in much warmer climates now and tend to spend as much time out of the house as possible whereas we spent a lot of time inside when we lived in England.  Regardless, typhoons are a perfect time to dust off the boardgames and get some friendly competition going.

A little hint of whats planned for our next typhoon; marshmallows, glow sticks and flashlights…just waiting for a typhoon to hit (although hopefully it does not hit while we are trying to fly in/out of Okinawa for our upcoming adventure!)




8 responses to “Typhoons with kids | 5 family friendly activities

    • Thanks Mr C! somewhat looking forward to our next one as I have some super fun things planned! (quite possibly could be this weekend, Typhoon Halola seems to be creeping closer to Okinawa, eek!)

  1. I hope you make it out! Nothing worse then getting stuck before you want to go on vacation!! And what fun ways to spend the day hopefully not waiting for a typhoon to hit! Love the window markers that is awesome and I think I want to get some too!!1

    • we still have a few weeks until we leave but I am a little nervous that a typhoon will delay us! The markers are super cool, I highly recommend them….my kids love coloring anyway so maybe thats why they were in love with them, regardless they are fun and something different to do!

      • Yeah, ugh a friend has been delayed by this typhoon but the flight is not cancelled so hopefully you guys will make it out too later on.

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