Cape Zanpa ; Lighthouse, walks & goats

Cape Zanpa Lighthouse  (1 of 1)

This wasn’t our first trip to Cape Zanpa, in fact it was our second or third either but every time we have been, the lighthouse has been closed and therefore we have been unable to climb it which means I have been unable to cross it off the Bucket List!

it seems as though Clio has been watching Eden pose

it seems as though Clio has been watching Eden pose

Finally one windy day last month the lighthouse was open (adults 200 Yen, kiddies were free!) and I am so pleased it was as it made the 40 minute drive all that much more worth it!

Cape Zanpa Lighthouse 3

I never thought the lighthouse was particularly tall so I was rather surprised when it took forever to climb the 99 stairs up the top; of course carrying Clio probably made it seem that much further.

When we finally reached the top Eden lasted all but a couple minutes and was ready to head back down, I personally think she just really enjoyed climbing the stairs!  Clio however loved being out and getting blown about.

views from the lighthouse

views from the lighthouse

When we returned to the bottom we checked out the tiny museum although it was virtually all in Japanese so it was more a walk through than anything else.

Zanpa also has lots of trails to walk so we did a big loop, only returning because Clio announced she needed to use the bathroom, not wanting to see how long she could hold her pee for we quickly returned to the bathrooms.

Cape Zanpa Lighthouse

Cape Zanpa Lighthouse

Since we were back near the car we decided it was a good time to eat, we perched at a picnic table near the goats and ate our packed lunch before buying some carrots so the goats could get some lunch too.

Cape Zanpa Lighthouse 5

Clio really loves animals however she doesn’t like to get too close, possibly a little apprehensive from her visit to Lincoln Zoo where she was checking out the goats and a peacock came up right behind her and scared the bejesus out of her!  So we left the goat feeding to Eden, who did a great job at ensuring each goat got an equal share!

Cape Zanpa Lighthouse 6

I am loving the adventures the girls & I are having this summer although sad that Matt isn’t able to join us on our mid-week ones; someone has to earn the money, right?!

Cape Zanpa Lighthouse 7

We still have lots of things to do on our ‘100 Days of Summer’ list and I actually can’t quite believe we are already at the end of July…better get adventuring before summer is over!  What are you all up to this summer (or winter!)?




8 responses to “Cape Zanpa ; Lighthouse, walks & goats

    • its really neat down there, would love to take the jogging stroller and go for a run…its just not that close to home :/

    • When we first got here it was closed for the longest time. I am not sure when it re-opened. The kids loved it but I wouldn’t say you were missing out on a whole lot!

  1. love the girls’ dresses! More than anything though I love their smiling faces as they pose. Clio is getting so grown up since you were here!

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