Non-Hotdog/Hamburger Camping food!

One thing that drives Matt a little batty is that before an adventure has finished (often before it has even started) I start thinking about the next one…if I am honest I drive myself a little batty with this bad habit and I do TRY to not get too far ahead…its a work in progress though.

In less than a week we will be home from our SouthEast Asia adventure so naturally I am starting to think about whats next.  With the weather hopefully cooling down a little and a couple of long weekends coming up I am thinking another camping trip is in order!

On our two night camping trip to Izena Island over July 4th weekend I was determined NOT to have any hotdogs or burgers.

While I eat them on the odd occasion they are definitely not my favorite things to eat and most definitely didn’t fancy eating them for an entire weekend.

I spent some time browsing Pinterest and came up with some delicious and more importantly easy meals to take on our camping trip.

Below is a quick summary of what our camping menu consisted of but now I would LOVE to hear some new ideas for our next camping trip…whenever that may be!


1) ‘Taco in a bag’ 

This was so simple and super yummy.  Eden thought it was great eating them out of the bag but Clio wasn’t a fan so we ended up putting hers on a plate; even with her dirty plate there was still only a handful of dishes!

Prior to the trip I chopped up all the fresh ingredients and put them in ziplock bags, browned the meat and put in a ziplock bag, then simply packed bags of Dorritos, some sour cream, a pack of shredded cheese and a jar of salsa.

The only work we had to do was re-heat the meat, cut-up the avocado and of course assemble!

We will definitely be doing this again!

most of my taco in the bag ingredients! (missing meat, avocado, lettuce)

most of my taco in the bag ingredients! (missing meat, avocado, lettuce)

2) “Chicken & Cheese quesadilla” 

If you thought the tacos in a bag were easy, wait till you see how easy this one is…

Preparation at home included cooking and shreading chicken….and that is it!  Along with the chicken, we packed a pack of tortillas, used the rest of the cheese from the Taco’s as well as the salsa.

We simply assembled and heated and they too were a hit!

heating up our meat for our taco in a bag easy!

heating up our meat for our taco in a bag dinner…so easy!


3) ‘pizza roll’

I wasn’t really sure how this one would turn out but our family loves pizza so I wanted to give it a try.  Other than us slightly overcooking it making it a little burnt in parts, it was great.

To prep for this I purchased those pillsbury pizza crust from the refrigerated section at the supermarket; rolled it out into a rectangle, topped with pizza sauce and our toppings, rolled it into a log, wrapped in tin foil and then froze it.

By the time we were ready to cook it, it had thawed.  We simply cooked it, unwrapped the tin foil and sliced up.

Having pizza while camping was definitely a treat!

forgot to get photos of this one before, but that is our pizza roll being cooked at the beach!

forgot to get photos of this one before, but that is our pizza roll being cooked at the beach!


4) Blueberry muffins 

Can’t really get much easier than this! Whipped up a batch of muffins at home and voila breakfast was served and devoured I might add! I had planned to eat these with some bananas but I forgot to get the bananas out…the kids didn’t seem to mind one bit!

5) Pancakes 

Matt grabbed a bottle of the pancake mix which you just add water to it, shake and then pour! No at home preparation and oh so easy!  We remembered to bring a spatular and a small bottle of syrup and again another hit breakfast!

we try to not use too many box meals but these were perfect for camping!

we try to not use too many box meals but these were perfect for camping!

Do you have any quick and easy non-hamburger/hotdog camping meals? I would LOVE to hear about them!


12 responses to “Non-Hotdog/Hamburger Camping food!

  1. Hannah, great ideas. Taco in a bag is also good with Fritos. Yum! We do bacon and eggs for breakfast. You just have to have a can to put the extra bacon grease in. We have opened a pop can before and used it but pour this away from your campsite so if you spill no one is walking in the hot grease. Turkey sandwiches or wraps are always easy!

  2. All my meals when I was in Iheya were one pot meals. Since I wasn’t camping at a campsite, I knew I’d have to carry in – carry out. I cracked a bunch of eggs at home and put them in a container, so I could just shake it up and pour out what I wanted each day. I also pre-chopped onions/peppers and mushrooms to just throw a handful in each morning.

    For dinners I pre-cooked rice at home and put it in a container, then I marinated and froze bite sized pieces of fish/chicken/beef (one type for each night) and chopped up some veggies…I literally dumped the meat I wanted into the pot (they were marinated in an olive oil base to make sure they wouldn’t stick) and then threw in some rice and veggies…covered the pot and WOO! Done.

    Mid day I was usually driving around the island taking pictures (also great timing to charge my phone in the car and have air conditioning for a little bit). I stopped at a little side of the road stand and bought a bento box most days.

    • Fantastic ideas! Thanks! How long would you say cracked eggs would keep? I’m super paranoid about safe food handling lol!

      • I would be comfortable eating them for a couple of days without doing research…but I just looked it up on Eggs101 and they said between 2-4 days refrigerated. I’m willing to bet that my eggs were much colder then my refrigerator, since they were submerged in ice water in my cooler. I know you can also freeze cracked eggs – not sure about the texture for scrambled eggs once they defrost – but it might be worth an experiment….maybe freeze them in ice cube trays prior to your trip?

      • Awesome! Random question, do you refrigerate your Japanese eggs? (Or do you buy American?)

  3. I typically do, but not for the reason you’d expect. I actually have no issue leaving my Japanese eggs on the counter…but I have this nice little egg container that fits perfect on the shelf in the fridge and I like to keep my counters clear.

    I’m definitely not the Egg Whisperer or anything, but from what I understand, the US prevents salmonella by washing the eggs, taking off the natural protective coating on the egg so then the eggs need to be refrigerated to prevent bad stuff from growing and penetrating the egg. I also have heard that once you start refrigerating eggs, they should always be refrigerated because of ‘sweating’ and bacteria.

    I only buy Japanese eggs here – and I’ll miss them terribly when we go back.

    Wow….we got really deep into egg talk.

  4. Well, I think I talked about how I don’t really like camping. But there are all really great tips to share for if and when my husband does con me into camping.

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