A Miserable 24 Hours in Hue, Vietnam [with kids]

After Riding the Reunification Express we arrived into Hue at around 9.45am and thankfully had arranged transportation with our hotel so we were able to bypass all the people trying to get our business; at times this can be a little overwhelming.

some street art on our walk to The Citadel

some street art on our walk to The Citadel

When we made it to our hotel we were given fresh fruit and drinks before being shown our room where we took some time to freshen up before heading out to explore.

sculptures in the park we walked through

sculptures in the park we walked through

The first thing we noticed about Hue was how much hotter it was compared to Hanoi & Halong Bay.  That day it was about 39 degrees (102 Fahrenheit) with very few clouds in the sky, making exploring the city by foot pretty miserable.

The Perfume River

The Perfume River

It wasn’t just the heat that made our day in Hue not so much fun but the fact that my stomach was getting worse and worse.  At one point Matt even asked if I thought my appendix were about to burst!

Fun Flying Four Hue (3 of 12)

Determined to soldier through we walked from our hotel to the Hue Imperial City (The Citadel), the walk while only 20 minutes felt like forever, although it was pleasant walking through a park and across the Perfume River.

*almost* to the Imperial City!

*almost* to the Imperial City!

The Citadel is huge and I was super excited to photograph the place, well that was prior to actually arriving in Hue!  Once in Hue I wanted nothing more than to make it through the day without getting sick and as such taking photos seemed like a mammoth task.

Fun Flying Four Hue (6 of 12)

We probably walked about half of it before I announced I just needed to head back to the hotel and jump into bed to try and sleep off whatever bug I had caught.

Fun Flying Four Hue (7 of 12)

I couldn’t even face the short walk back to the hotel so we jumped in a cab, everyone was relieved to get out of the stifling heat.

Fun Flying Four Hue (8 of 12)

While I slept at the hotel Matt entertained the girls, they went for dinner, had multiple desserts and that is virtually all we managed to accomplish in Hue.

Fun Flying Four Hue (9 of 12)

Fun Flying Four Hue 3

Other sights I had hoped to have made it to; Thien Mu Pagoda, Tomb of Minh Mang, Tomb of Tu Duc and especially Thanh Toan Bridge, but sadly they will have to wait for another time.

Fun Flying Four Hue

We did contemplate changing our train tickets to allow us the following morning to explore so we could see these sights, but we decided to just head to Hoi An first thing the next morning as planned.

Fun Flying Four Hue (10 of 12)

This proved a good choice because the next morning not only was I still unwell, but now Clio was coming down with something and the quicker we got to Hoi An (where we were going to be for a few nights) the better.

Fun Flying Four Hue (11 of 12)

Of course its easy for me to say this now, but I am SO pleased we didn’t change our plans because we just loved Hoi An; which will be appearing on the blog sometime this month!

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    • It is a lovely hometown! I wished I wasn’t feeling so ill or we had more time to explore it! I look forward to reading about your Egypt trip!

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