Hoi An | Old Town, Lanterns & Bahn Mi

Clio taking a little break while we decide where to eat!

Clio taking a little break while we decide where to eat!

Even though I pretty much slept the entire time I was in Hue trying to get over what ever bug I had caught I still woke up the next morning under the weather and unfortunately now Clio too.

I loved all the yellow in Hoi An

I loved all the yellow in Hoi An

However we continued with our original plan to head to Hoi An which meant a 2.5 hour train ride along the coast which was gorgeous and had I not been feeling so cruddy I would have taken so many photos of the gorgeous views.

and of course the lanterns too

and of course the lanterns too

Fun Flying Four Hoi An -3

Once we arrived into DaNang we made our way through the taxi drivers wanting our business and sighed a sigh of relief when we saw our driver holding up our name (which we had pre-booked through our hotel).

Fun Flying Four Hoi An 2

Then we drove the 40 minute drive to beautiful Hoi An where I sighed another sigh of relief to have survived the morning of travel with 2 of us not doing so good.

Fun Flying Four Hoi An 7

If you have heard of Hoi An it will probably be no surprise that the first thing we did was buy our tickets to the Old Town and wander around.  Beautiful is an understatement.

Fun Flying Four Hoi An 1

Fun Flying Four Hoi An -1

Our agenda for our time in Hoi An was pretty simple; eat lots of delicious food, walk the lantern lined streets and whenever we got too hot or Clio was taking a nap then it was pool time back at the hotel.

Eden pouting about something!

Eden pouting about something!

We ate at Bahn Mi Phuong, made famous by Anthony Bourdain and seriously those Bahn Mi were the bomb diggity! Another favorite was the super yummy Bale Well, I highly recommended trying both these places if you have time, although there is no shortage of good, affordable eating options.

Fun Flying Four Hoi An 8

One thing I did do while in Hoi An was spend the morning doing a photo walk which was amazing as we headed away from the beautiful but touristy Old Town…but more about that later in the week!

Fun Flying Four Hoi An 4

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17 responses to “Hoi An | Old Town, Lanterns & Bahn Mi

  1. I love your pictures and thoughts on Hoi An. Sorry if I missed something but did you drive there from another part of Vietnam or just hire a car when you arrived? Really beautiful looking Old City there. I can’t wait to see it in a few weeks with my wife! Thanks for sharing this wonderful post:)

    • You will love Hoi An! We actually traveled around a lot on this trip, starting in Hanoi, getting the sleeper train to Hue, then another train from there to DaNang and then a private transfer from there to Hoi An, we flew from DaNang to HCMC and then a combo of private transfer/bus & boat to get from there to Cambodia!! We didn’t hire a car whilst in Hoi An, just walked around and got taxi’s or cyclo’s when need be! Have a great trip!

  2. It’s so crazy to me to see pictures of place I’ve been through someone else’s lens. My first thought is always… “Wait a minute, I didn’t take that!” I love living surrounded by so many travelers. It just reminds me how small this world really is!

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  4. Hoi An is so beautifully! So so beautiful! I did not learn to like the Vietnamese lanterns, but through your photographs, I love it now! Btw… You mean you need to buy ticket to enter the old town? Really?

    • Yes, apparently they changed it in the past year maybe that you now need a ticket to go into the old town! They have booths located at various places to buy tickets although I met a few people that never got asked to buy a ticket and just walked in!

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