Photo Walk with Pieter | Hoi An, Vietnam

Fun Flying Four Hoi An Photo Walk Vietnam

I got the idea of doing a photo walk from Kassie who did one in Hanoi earlier this year, until reading about Kassie’s experience the thought of doing a photowalk myself had never occurred to me but I am pretty certain it is something I will look into for future travels!

Fun Flying Four Hoi An Photo Walk 1

at the local market

at the local market

Anyway, I decided not to do the photowalk in Hanoi, even though Kassie (and others) gave it rave reviews, I simply didn’t think I would have enough time to do that as well as the other stuff we wanted to do as a family.

Fun Flying Four Hoi An Photo Walk 5

hard at work

hard at work

Instead I opted to do one in Hoi An because I had multiple days there and everything I had ever seen or read about Hoi An just made me want to photograph it.

Fun Flying Four Hoi An Photo Walk

this baby was super sweet!

this baby was super sweet!

I did a quick google search for photowalks and up popped Pieter of Hoi An Photo Walks, I made contact and just like that I was booked in!

Fun Flying Four Hoi An PHoto Walk 6

Fun Flying Four Hoi An Photo Walk -2

We; Pieter, myself and the 5 other ‘photographers’ met first thing in the morning (from memory it was pretty early like 7am) at a cafe where we ordered some drinks, introduced ourselves and then Pieter talked us through camera settings.

Fun Flying Four Hoi An Photo Walk 7

If you are new to photography or still trying to get your head around the various settings of your camera then this part I can imagine is pretty invaluable.  For myself, however, it wasn’t anything I didn’t already know; thats not to say I don’t have a lot to learn… I do, but I do have the basics sorted!

Fun Flying Four Hoi An Photo Walk 3

From here we started the actual photo walk, my favorite part!

at the market again

at the market again

this boy was one of the shy kids at the school!

this boy was one of the shy kids at the school!

What I loved about this tour is that Pieter took us AWAY from the touristy (although very beautiful) Old Town and rather we headed into the ‘backstreets’ for a more everyday look into the residents of Hoi An.

look how long her hair is!

look how long her hair is!

Fun Flying Four Hoi An Photo Walk -3-2

Along the way we would stop to chat with locals and if they allowed we would take some photos, we even visited a local school where the school kids got all hyped up from our presence; I am sure the teachers were pleased when we finally left.

Fun Flying Four Hoi An Photo Walk -1-2

Another thing worth mentioning about doing this photo walk with Pieter is that you don’t need to have a fancy camera, a cell phone will work just as well.

Fun Flying Four Hoi An Photo Walk 8

Fun Flying Four Hoi An Photo Walk -6

In fact I think doing the walk just to get a better glimpse into the local way of life is worth it in itself and Pieter, an expat from the Netherlands, is very knowledgable of not only Hoi An but also Vietnam.

Fun Flying Four Hoi An Photo Walk -5

After a couple of hours of walking the streets we headed back to the same coffee shop for a debrief.

Would you ever consider doing a photowalk while traveling?

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40 responses to “Photo Walk with Pieter | Hoi An, Vietnam

  1. Hannah, I have never heard of a photo walk, but that does sound like a lot of fun. Unlike you, I need lots of help with my camera. I will get it figured out one of these days now that the kids are older.

    • Ha Cathy don’t be fooled I definitely need help too I just have (finally) sorted the basics! We must skype one of these days xx

    • Thanks! It was really neat & I am so thankful for Kassie for planting the seed, otherwise I honestly never would have thought to do it! I want to go back to Hoi An/Vietnam so bad!

  2. These pictures are absolutely amazing Hannah! I would definitely try a photo walk after seeing the beautiful pictures you and Kassie took in Vietnam!

    • Thanks Laura! You should definitely check Vietnam out if you get the chance! I kind of wished I had done a photowalk in Cambodia too lol I only just thought of it now :/

    • thanks! my favorites keep changing but I do really like the last one too (the lady with ring!) have you ever done a photowalk?

    • Thank you! The people are so beautiful there (inside & out) it was a really good experience to learn how to approach strangers & ask to take their photo!

  3. I would absolutely be into a photo walk – every day if I could. My family loves to travel, but only my son is into photography. My husband often tells me to put the camera down for just a bit… but for me taking pictures is one of the most enjoyable parts of a trip. I love all the turquoise doors and windows.

    • How old is your son? I agree about taking photos is an enjoyable part of a trip, I have my camera glued to me, thankfully my husband doesn’t seem to mind!

  4. What an awesome opportunity! I love doing photo walks – have done several in New Orleans with various groups. I’m supposed to participate in Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk.

    Thank you for joining us for Photo Friday this week!

    • Wow I would love to go to New Orleans! I am doing the Scott Kelby Worldwide photo walk next weekend here in Japan!

  5. These pictures reveal so much about the people who were captured here. It was really a walk thru their day to day. Enjoy it a lot!

    • Thanks! It really was a neat experience, photography aside, I loved how we weren’t in the tourist area, in fact thinking back I never saw one non-Vietnamese person (other than our group) the entire time!

  6. I’m wondering how a photo walk differs from a walking tour where you just happen to take photos. Did Pieter point out interesting angles or subjects? Perhaps he didn’t give any running commentary. I’m just curious. Whatever the technical difference, your photos are lovely and really capture Vietnam (I lived there for 4.5 years and felt transported back to the country I love.)

    • Yes Pieter did exactly that! He talked a lot about lighting and angles as well as composition aspects. He also talked a lot about how to approach people to take their photo (that was super interesting to me) If people needed assistance with camera settings he would help/explain things to them. Wow what a wonderful place to have lived…which part were you in?

  7. The women are so attractive! Really high cheekbones – amazing bone structure which serves them all when they are older too. I can’t imagine having hair as long as that woman in the purple dress. Wonderful tour! thank you. Visiting from #WkendTravelInspiration

  8. I’ve always wanted to go on a photo walk but haven’t done it, yet. I’m still using all the automatic settings on my camera, so learning how to have better control would be great. I think I’d also like someone else being the one to approach a subject to ask permission. I’ve always been a little too shy to take photos of strangers, especially children. Your photos from the walk are wonderful. I feel like you’ve captured an essence of the city that’s different from the touristy parts.

    • You should totally try and do one! When my friend Kassie did one in Hanoi it was the first time she used manual on her camera and said she learnt so much & that it was super helpful having someone there to ask questions to who knew what they were talking about! Yes, I am way to shy to ask people if I can take their photo but this gave me a little more confidence!

    • Hoi An is awesome isn’t it! If my friend didnt blog about doing a photowalk in Hanoi I never would have thought to do one. Definitely something I will keep in mind now though, I really enjoyed it!

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  11. Love some of your pictures of the people- that hair! Wow. I went out with a photographer in Phenom Penh. It was good afternoon. I tend to not take lots of pictures of people and he was more of a portrait photographer so I got some great tips and some great photos. i think my overall people pictures have improved as a result!

    • Thanks Elizabeth! I don’t tend to take pictures of people either (my kids being the exception) so it was a definite learning curve and being pushed outside of my comfort zone…which is a good thing!

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