3 [boring] nights in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

When it came time to leave Hoi An we weren’t mentally ready; we could have easily spent another 3 nights there but we had things to do and places to see.

Clio & Nam Nam buckled in for the drive from HCMC airport to hotel

Clio & Nam Nam buckled in for the drive from HCMC airport to hotel

We decided that flying to Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) would be the best cost & time efficient option so we headed to DaNang early in the morning to catch our pre-booked flight.

Unfortunately upon arrival we discovered our plane had a 3 hour delay, which meant a rather long boring wait at the airport.

Fun Flying Four Ho Chi Minh City -2

Clio & I were virtually over our illness (although not 100%) but now Eden had developed a fever.

Once the 3 hour delay past it was a quick trip to HCMC & we were once again greeted on arrival by a driver arranged via our hotel.

Cathedral of Notre Dam

Cathedral of Notre Dam

We made it to the hotel, got Eden some medicine and then us girls snuggled & watched some t.v. before getting an early night.

I waited for ages for a photo with no people in it...in the end I had to settle for a pic with people in it

I waited for ages for a photo with no people in it…in the end I had to settle for a pic with people in it

It was meant to be ‘girls night’ with food, face masks and ice-cream but with Eden not feeling to good we had to postpone.  The whole reason for girls night was Matt was heading out for the evening on a ‘back of the bike’ food tour with XO Tours.

inside Cathedral of Notre Dame

inside Cathedral of Notre Dame

I don’t have any photos of the tour but Matt did get some GoPro footage which I am sure he will eventually share.  It was however Matt’s highlight of our time in HCMC and said it was so much more than a food tour.

Fun Flying Four Ho Chi Minh City -6

His rider picked him up from our hotel at around 5pm and then they made their way around various food markets with a bunch of other people on bikes.  Other than the food (and drinks) which he said was delicious, they also did a bit of a tour of the city, explaining some of the history and talking about the various districts.

patterns! (tiled floor at Notre Dame Cathedral)

patterns! (tiled floor at Notre Dame Cathedral)

When he returned home later that evening he was pretty excited to tell me all about it and says he would definitely recommend it to others.

Fun Flying Four Ho Chi Minh City -8

The next day we were on a major go slow.  Eden thankfully was feeling a lot better but we were all tired from all the traveling we had done thus far.

Fun Flying Four Ho Chi Minh City -9

We walked over to the Cathedral of Notre Dame, after taking some photos of the outside we headed inside where we ended up getting locked in, or so we thought…

Fun Flying Four Ho Chi Minh City -10

When we were done checking out the inside we tried to leave but the gates were locked! Thankfully there was a lady there selling stuff who also had a key, phew.

propaganda restaurant

propaganda restaurant

From here we headed to Propaganda Restaurant for a bite to eat amongst the bright decor.  The girls each ordered fresh juices which poor Clio didn’t get to enjoy as she knocked hers over onto the bright fabric seating; which ended up getting stained, oops.  The food was delicious!

at Tao Dan Park

at Tao Dan Park

On the way back to the hotel we walked past the War Remnants Museum, sadly it was closed for lunch so we called it a day on adventuring and headed back for long naps, a quick dinner and then bed!

exercising at Tao Dan Park

exercising at Tao Dan Park

The next day we stopped at Tao Dan Park for the girls to have a play before heading back to the War Remnants Museum, since we now knew the opening hours.

Fun Flying Four Ho Chi Minh City -14

The Museum was interesting but extremely sad with lots of photographs and various paraphernalia. Eden naturally had a lot of questions, which of course I didn’t have answers for.

Fun Flying Four Ho Chi Minh City -15

Unfortunately the rest of the day was sorting out things for Cambodia; getting passport photos, making sure we had enough USD’s etc. It was really a whole big waste of time, so I wont go into all the details, what I will say is don’t accidentally convert your USD’s that you put aside for the Cambodian Visa’s & boat tickets into VND and know that the passport photo size is 5x7cm.

last dinner in HCMC

last dinner in HCMC

As you can see we didn’t really make the most of our time in HCMC; partly I think we were enjoying the down time, partly we were still wishing we were back in Hoi An and partly we just didn’t love the city, we felt it lacked the character of Hanoi and at the end of a day was just another city!

Fun Flying Four Ho Chi Minh City -17

In hindsight we definitely would have spent less time here.

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17 responses to “3 [boring] nights in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    • from memory I think the girls were fighting over not sharing the phone :/ It was definitely a long day!

    • Having posted this I have talked to a few people who all felt the same. I bet if we did the trip in reverse; HCMC and then headed North we may have felt different, but after having spending time in such amazing places North, HCMC was just kind of meh!

  1. We did the reverse so HCMC first. We met up with 15 family and friends a few days before Andrew and I got married. ( a few hours north of HCMC in Mui Ne) We really loved it but because of the company and meals and drinks and all being in Vietnam together. We found the locals much more friendly down south and HoiAn and Sapa still top our Vietnam list!

    • I love how everyone has different experiences! What a fun family get together you all had though…I would love to see wedding photos (you should do a post!)

      • Thanks Hannah, I will do a post when I can find the card that has the pics! 6 years ago and I have real printed pics but none on file!

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    • yes it definitely had a more European feel to it! I think if we had started in HCMC then worked our way North we would have had a different experience/view of the place.

  3. I burst out laughing at your choice of feature pic… Boring nights huh. Ho Chi Minh sounds so boring.. and why did the cathedral door get locked?? Did you all stay past closing time? Makes me wonder what if the lady wasn’t there… Anyway if I do go to Vietnam, I’m guessing Da Nang and Hanoi would be my preferred destinations. I wonder if I would ever bear to spend the money on Intercontinental at Da Nang.

    • I would definitely head to DaNang and then go north! I’m not sure why it was locked maybe for lunch? Yeah it was pretty funny/scary! I also wonder if we started in HCMC and then made our way north if we would have had a different/less boring experience.

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