Walking a 500 year old Stone-paved Road | Kinjo, Okinawa

Fun Flying Four Kinjo Stone-Paved Road 1 1Okinawa-1

Once an important road, the Kinjo Stone-paved road linked Shuri Castle with Naha Port & Southern Okinawa.

Fun Flying Four Kinjo Stone Paved Road Okinawa

Today the Kinjo stone-paved road is only 300 meters in length but this section was once part of the Madamamichi which was approximately 10 kilometers.

Fun Flying Four Kinjo Stone Paved Road Okinawa 3

Made out of Ryukyu limestone and about 500 years old it makes a nice Sunday stroll, although it is up hill so the 300 meters can feel a lot longer!

Fun Flying Four Kinjo Stone PAved Road Okinawa 5

After our visit to Naminoue-gu Shrine we headed over to Kinjo for some lunch; I can’t remember the name of the restaurant but it was right at the bottom of Kinjocho and served the most delicious purple sweet potato ice-cream, ever (and this is saying a lot because I do not like purple sweet potato ice-cream!)

Fun Flying Four Kinjo Stone Paved Road Okinawa 2

As you walk the stone-paved path you may notice little informational signs which talk about the various plants/flowers that grow along the path, although Matt noticed none of which were native to Okinawa!

Fun Flying Four Kinjo Stone Paved Road Okinawa 4

You may also notice some traditional houses with the limestone walls and red-tile roofs and about half way up the path there is an open-air resting place where you can take off your shoes and have a little break!

Fun Flying Four Kinjo Stone-Paved Road Okinawa-8

I probably wouldn’t make a trip down just for this but if you happen to be in the area or better yet, planning a trip to Shuri Castle, definitely keep this little piece of history in mind!

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16 responses to “Walking a 500 year old Stone-paved Road | Kinjo, Okinawa

  1. This is really interesting and I had no idea it existed! I love being in places with such an old history. I usually sit there and wonder about all the things that have happened over time. Thanks for sharing and I’ll be adding this to my list!

    • I’m the same, I never study history in my school years (a result of moving countries) but I really find it interesting.

    • Okinawa is the best! I am constantly amazed that for such a tiny island there is sooo much to do/see and lots of hidden gems

  2. Hey:)
    I’m going to Okinawa with my aunt and parents in late November – Decemberish and I just wanted to say your blog has been super helpful for my research, great job and keep it up!

    • awesome, have you been to Okinawa before? If you have any questions or want any recommendations please feel free to email me or through the Fun Flying Four Facebook page! There is an awesome festival schedule for December 12 that I would highly recommend if you are going to still be around then!

    • We have done a few things but not a whole there, there is just too much to do on this tiny island! Go to Ball Park Donut if you do head down, its delish!

  3. I skipped Shuri Castle, somewhat deliberately, when I was in Okinawa. Doesn’t look like I missed much? I was quite happy spending my afternoon eating at the market near Kokusai Dori.

    • The castle is neat, we probably spent 2 hours there when we went and still managed to skip some stuff, this road is just an ancient road leading up to the castle!

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