8 Okinawan Ice Cream Flavors you need to try!

Fun Flying Four Blue Seal -9

Have you ever walked into Blue Seal, or any ice cream store for that matter and been curious about certain flavors but end up sticking with what you know so not to be disappointed?  Every time we head to Blue Seal I have this curiosity but ALWAYS play it safe.

The girls excited to dig into the 8 scoops of ice-cream (that's Clio's peace sign)

The girls excited to dig into the 8 scoops of ice-cream (that’s Clio’s peace sign)

For my birthday last week I decided the only thing I wanted, other than it not to rain while Eden had cheerleading, was to try the flavors that I had been curious about for so long, so I turned it into a little game for our family!

We drove to our nearest Blue Seal dropped almost 3,000 yen on 8 single scoops of ice cream, all of which had one thing in common….they were all flavors of Okinawa/Japan.

Fun Flying Four Blue Seal -3

Once seated with our 8 scoops of ice cream we took turns at tasting all the flavors and either giving them a “smiley face” “sad face” or “neutral face” on prepared pieces of paper.

Clio wasn’t a fan of the game after trying Maccha Latte so stuck with Shiiquasa Sherbet and left the rest of us to play.

Clio after trying Maccha Latte

Clio after trying Maccha Latte

Eden took both the taste testing and the rating very serious and even went to explain her reasoning on a few of the sad/neutral choices…future food critic maybe?

Now onto the flavors;

Ryukyu Royal Milk Tea

Uses black tea leaves grown in Nago which are powdered & added to create an individual milk tea flavor.  If you are a tea fan then this might be your cup of tea!

Our Verdict :   😐 😦 😦 not tea fans here!

Eden excited to get into the taste testing

Eden excited to get into the taste testing

Shiiquasa Sherbet 

The shikuwasa fruit is a citrus fruit native to Okinawa (and Taiwan!) and Blue Seal use 100% Okinawan grown fruits for their delicious Shiiquasa Sherbet.

Our Verdict : 🙂 🙂 🙂

Fun Flying Four Blue Seal -5


I only recently learnt that there was a difference between Ube & Beni-imo!  Ube is a purple yam and a very Okinawan flavor!

Our Verdict : 🙂 🙂 😐

Fun Flying Four Blue Seal -6


Ben-Imo, also purple in color, is a sweet-potato and is EVERYWHERE here in Okinawa!  Blue Seal uses 100% Okinawan Sweet Potatoes to make their ice cream.

Our Verdict : 🙂 😐 😦

Fun Flying Four Blue Seal -7


While Blue Seal doesn’t use sugarcane grown in Okinawa, we added it to the line-up because there is a large sugarcane production in Okinawa.

Our Verdict : 🙂 😦 😦

brain freeze

brain freeze

Okinawan Salt Cookies 

The salt used in this product comes from Chatan and is combined with vanilla ice cream and Okinawan Salt cookies.  Personally I didn’t taste any salt, either way it was another hit with our family.

Our Verdict : 🙂 🙂 🙂

Fun Flying Four Blue Seal -9

Okinawa Ta-imo Cheesecake 

The ta-imo (taro) in this ice-cream comes from Kin-Cho and is combined with cheesecake; anything combined with cheesecake is a win in my book!

Our Verdict : 🙂 🙂 🙂

our results!

our results!

Maccha Latte 

This isn’t exactly a flavor unique to Okinawa nor does it use ingredients sourced in Okinawa but it is Japanese so it made it into our selection.  Although I don’t think anybody would have minded if it didn’t!

Our Verdict : 😐 😐 😦

Fun Flying Four Blue Seal -10

Have you tried any of these? Are there any that you would get again?!

Fun Flying Four Blue Seal -12

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23 responses to “8 Okinawan Ice Cream Flavors you need to try!

  1. No way, but I really want to try them! I remember when we lived in Misawa I was always so curious about the grey ice cream that everyone was eating all the time. Turns out that sesame ice cream is grey…..LOL but it was absolutely amazing.

    We do have fun flavor here like taro scream and lilikoi ice cream. The other day at a food truck round up and we had some macaroons that were filled with Arare and another that had Furikake on it and they were just so good. I love sweet and salty!

  2. Wow Hannah that sounds like such a fun game! Gilbert and I did this once in a candy shop, we got one of each candy and decided what we did and didn’t like…it was kind of pricey but something I’d always wanted to try. I probably would have taken Clio’s way out and just stuck with my favorite 😉 I might have to try the cheesecake one, since it was such a big hit! I am sooo not a fan of the purple sweet potato so I know that one would be a no-go for me. Awesome post.

    • oh candy sounds fun too…I might have to do that one day! Ok, so if I am honest we tried the sweet potato when we first got here and none of us liked it, fast forward 2 years and we discovered there is a difference between Ben-Imo & Ube and honestly Ube is good, its not like the Ben-Imo at all. You should totally try that one just once to see if you like it; its a lot more creamy and doesn’t have a weird aftertaste!

  3. OMG Hannah! What a fun post!!!! 🙂 🙂

    Okinawa Salt Cookies is ALWAYS my choice!! It’s soooo frinkin’ delicious and i am going to miss it sooooo much when we move! 😥 I can’t believe they use all those Okinawa grown ingredients! How awesome!

  4. OMG I die. Your girls are precious! I now have a new Okinawa bucket list item. I had tried the ube flavor but now I have several new flavors to try! Maybe I will have to make a video response to this blog post!
    As always, fabulous photos!!!

  5. Okinawa Salt Cookie is almost always my husband’s choice and Shikwasa Sherbet is almost always mine, although I do enjoy the beni-imo and ube as well. We bought home a cooler full of little cups and tried them out over a week. They have a coconut flavor and a macadamia nut flavor that I really loved (not Okinawa specific). I definitely couldn’t do the matcha or milk tea- that would have been ALL THE FROWNY FACES!

    • I love this little cups if I had seen all the flavors I wanted to try I would have done that too! I’ll have to try the other flavors you mentioned I like coconut not sure about the macadamia nut but I’d give it a shot! I am not a tea person so they differently didn’t sit well with me!

  6. You are so brilliant! I don’t know why I never thought to do this because I LOVE ICE CREAM! I read this post to my husband and showed him pictures (I’m always talking about Clio to him… “remember, the little girl that wore the santa hat for basically an entire year.”) and he loved it, too.

    • Lol too funny, poor Clio has a bit of a reputation haha! Well when you return to oki 😉 you’ll have to do the ice cream game!

  7. What a fun idea! In Chicago we had sundaes for dinner at Ghiradelli’s. The kids loved it! I would have been just like Clio on the mache latte ice cream. 😦 I hope you had a great birthday! I had no cell phone service after the first day so couldn’t get on facebook. Sorry!

    • It was fun! Yum Ghiradelli’s! We went there way back in 2010!! I don’t think we got sundaes though…next time! Hope you had a great time in CA loved all the photos I’ve seen xx

  8. What a fun idea!! Getting the kids to rate ice-cream flavours! I love Blue Seal ice-cream. But I took the easy way out when I was in Okinawa – I went to Burger Kids (located above Starbucks at Kokusai Dori) where they had free flow of Blue Seal ice-cream! There were 6 flavours to choose from in the buffet (albeit including boring ones like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry). And you know, I always reckoned kids wouldn’t be able to appreciate matcha ice-cream, but somehow my older boy likes matcha ice-cream.

    Thank you once again for joining #TravelTuesday. 🙂

    • this was really fun and I keep trying to think of other things we could do it with. Eden didn’t seem to mind the matcha ice-cream but Clio definitely did not!

  9. I grew up eating ube, so now I’m curious as to how Ben-Imo tastes like. The Okinawan Salt Cookies sounds interesting, I’d love to try it too.

    • its not as good as be lol! A lot of people seem to really like the Salt Cookies, it was good but it wasn’t like a strong flavor of anything.

    • I was really surprised by Ube because I did not like the purple sweet potato one at all but Ube is so creamy and delicious!

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