Total Cost for 3 weeks for a family of 4 in Vietnam & Cambodia

Now that I have posted loads of photos and tales form our amazing three week adventure around Vietnam and Cambodia I thought it time to share how much all this awesomeness cost!

Vietnam & Cambodia

Whenever we go on a trip we tend to have a budget sometimes we go over, other times we go under, mostly we are pretty close but it’s the accountant in me that gets a kick out of working out it out…to the cent!

So, here it goes..

17 nights accommodation $394.50 (read all about it here)


Vietnamese Dong U.S. Dollars
Vietnam Visa 240.00
Airport Transfer 18.00

Fun Flying Four 48 hours in hanoi 1 (2 of 19)

DAY 2 & 3 : HANOI

Vietnamese Dong U.S. Dollars
Ngoc Son Temple 60,000
Taxi’s 335,000
Imperial Citadel of Thang Long 60,000
Water Puppet Theatre 24.00
Temple of Literature 60,000
Meals, Drinks & Snacks 1,845,000
Vietnam Patch 20,000

Notes & Tips
-we ate A LOT, wherever we went we got fresh juice or shakes and a couple times we ate at a restaurant as opposed to street food.

-remember that time we got ripped off by the taxi, well this definitely shouldn’t have cost this much!
-temples; children under 15 are free

Fun Flying Four 48 Hours in Hanoi (1 of 1)


Vietnamese Dong U.S. Dollars
Viola Cruise 430.00
Meals, Drinks, Snacks & Tip 582,000 40.00
Taxi 60,000
Sleeper Train 99.08

Notes & Tips
-the food on this trip was amazing! We definitely felt like we got our monies worth on our Halong Bay trip
-because we booked our sleeper train in advance using an English website we did get charged a little more

Fun Flying Four Halong Bay (11 of 26)


Vietnamese Dong U.S. Dollars
Hue Imperial City 300,000
Meals, Drinks & Snacks 831,000

-the day I was super sick so we didn’t do a whole lot of sightseeing!

Fun Flying Four Hue (7 of 12)

DAY 7 – 9 : HUE – HOI AN

Vietnamese Dong U.S. Dollars
Old Town Tickets 240,000
Photo Tour 40.00
Taxi’s & tips 280,000
Meals, Drinks & Snacks 1,809,000
Cyclo Ride 200,000
Souvenir’s : art & toys 67.00

Fun Flying Four Hoi An Photo Walk Vietnam


Vietnamese Dong U.S. Dollars
Internal flight 214.54
War Museum 30,000
Food Tour & tip 1,570,000
Souvenir’s 135,000
Meals, Drinks & Snacks 2,544,000 taxi + photos 280,000

Notes & Tips
-the silly taxi & photo cost was relating to getting passport photos taken for Cambodia, right at the last minute we panicked that we had the wrong size passport photo, in hindsight we were fine, but even if we weren’t it would have been cheaper to pay for passport photos at the boarder.

Fun Flying Four Ho Chi Minh City -16


Vietnamese Dong U.S. Dollars
Tour with Jason 210.00
Sleeper Bus 450,000
Meals, Drinks & Snacks 127,000

Fun Flying Four MD-3


U.S. Dollars
Boat tickets 62.50
Cambodia Visa 68.00
tuk tuk’s & Tip’s 41.00
Meals, Drinks & Snacks 92.80
Killing Fields 15.00
Museum 6.00
Wat Phnom 5.00
Laundry 4.00

Fun Flying Four Phnom Penh -1


U.S. Dollars
private taxi from Phnom Penh 65.00
Meals, Drinks & Snacks 72.00
Tuk Tuk’s + Tips 37.50
Bamboo Train & Tip 12.00



U.S. Dollars
private taxi from Battambang 40.00
Tuk Tuk’s + Tip’s 64.00
Angkor Wat Complex 40.00
Meals, Drinks & Snacks 151.80
Souvenir’s 147.00
Butterfly Garden 10.00
Circus 28.00

Notes & Tips
-we used the same, amazing, Tuk Tuk driver for 4 days, we never once walked into town (lazy I know) and he provided us with cold water bottles, this price includes a well earned generous tip
-we don’t tend to buy stuff when we travel with the exception of a few postcards and of course art for our travel art wall, we really deliberated about spending this much on the piece of art but we both absolutely loved it and decided it was worth every penny.

Fun Flying Four Siem Reap -1
family of 4, three weeks, 2 countries = $3,268.28 (approximately) and worth every penny!

This doesn’t include our airfares because I figured it will vary considerably depending on where you are flying from, but if you are coming from Okinawa you can plan on spending anywhere between $350 – $600 USD per person, round trip.

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28 responses to “Total Cost for 3 weeks for a family of 4 in Vietnam & Cambodia

    • When i first got to the final figure I was like EEK! But when I thought about all that we did and for the length etc I decided it was pretty good! We almost spent that for a week in HK!

    • When we went to Hong Kong for 1 week (excluding airfares) I think we spent about $2k so I think this was pretty good, there were definitely times we could have saved some pennies, but it was such a memorable trip I am ok with what we spent!

    • I am so jealous that you will be going there next year! Matt & I were just talking this morning how we would easily return to Vietnam in a heartbeat! I look forward to hearing about your trip!

  1. I love post like these! I think it is crucial in helping myself and others plan in reality of how far your dollar can go based on what you are interested in doing. That price seems really reasonable to me.

    • I started doing this types of posts last year whenever we came back from a trip, I often found that when I was researching new adventures I could never find this info & because we tend to travel on a budget I definitely wanted to find the info. We definitely could have saved some pennies here & there on this trip, but we also packed in a lot and it was such an amazing time it was worth every cent!

  2. I love seeing writing down where we spent money (to the cent). I have done it ever since I went on my first backpacking trip around Europe. A few years later travelling with another girlfriend she would laugh at me for being so pedantic with keeping a tally of the costs but I said:
    1. It’s a great way to see where you are wasting money
    2. It’s also interesting to compare costs
    3. It’s fun to look back at what you did.

    • I agree! I love seeing where we could have saved money…I really think it helps with future trips plus its just really interesting!

  3. Wow! impressive! May I ask if you would miss any dollar or cents of expenses? I would, maybe because I wont jot down the spending immediately. Mostly would only relying on accumulated receipts i had and fuzzy memory thereafter.

    p/s: I would eat a lot too, during travelling;).

    • I have a tiny notebook and pen which I carry with me at all times. Every time we sat down to eat (which was a lot) Matt & I would recap everything we spent between the last recap. Everything was really easy to remember, plus I balance what we have spent with how much cash we have remaining and once I get home I double check what we spent on the credit card to make sure I wrote that down in the notebook. I would say this is very accurate but if anything was missed off it would be extremely minimal ($50 or less).

    • It was a great trip, I know we will talk about it for years to come. I am seriously considering heading back to Vietnam to explore the north more.

    • You will have the best time! I’m so incredibly jealous! We didn’t go north of Hanoi but I would love to and seriously considering returning!

  4. This is a super useful post. Plus, it gives you ideas on what to do on each city. I find the total cost very reasonable considering the number of activities and private tours.

    • I think the cost was pretty good, I remember last year we went to HK for 1 week and spent only a little less than that!!

  5. Looks like cost of travelling to Vietnam and Cambodia is pretty affordable. The visas were surprisingly expensive. But stuff like the bamboo train is so cheap! I was pretty tickled that you even included the USD4.00 laundry cost. Accountant huh. #TravelTuesday

  6. I have a brother in law who lives in Vietnam. We have still yet to visit them as a family! I’ve been to Hanoi 3 times for work years ago (and loved it!) but I’d love to go to Cambodia! Phnom Penh is on my bucket list!
    P.S Thanks for linking up to #FYBF!

    • oh wow you should totally go visit your brother in law, I love going to new countries and having the low down from a local!

  7. Great post! Besides just having an idea of the costs, it’s great to see the things you found necessary to spend on in each place. Like the sleeper bus? Never heard of that. Great to have that tucked away in the brain for the future. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks! Whenever we travel I always do a little (or a lot) of research to find out what things cost etc (because we always have a budget) and love it when I come across these types of posts which is why I started doing it! I was really impressed with the sleeper bus but I am also only just 5 foot!

  8. This is fabulous information! Did you book everything yourself or go through a company? I’m wanting to plan a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, but overwhelmed at where to start.

    • Yeah I booked it all myself! I first started with flights…I knew I wanted to fly in/out of each country and found out it was easier to fly into Vietnam (for visa purposes) so I started with that. Then I planned where we wanted to visit, and how many nights in each place then lastly accom. Most places I just asked if they offered airport/train station pick up etc I would just book flights and go from there! If you have any questions please holla!

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