Tamaudun Royal Mausoleum

Originally built in 1501 as a resting place for King Sho En by his son, King Sho Shin, Tamaudun a World Heritage Site, is the Royal Mausoleum for the Second Sho Dynasty of the Ryukyu Kingdom.

Fun Flying Four Tamaudun Royal Mausoleum-1

Fun Flying Four Tamaudun Royal Mausoleum-2

The tomb is split into three closed chambers; the centre a place for washing the bones of the deceased, the east wing for kings & queens and the west for all other family members.

Fun Flying Four Tamaudun Royal Mausoleum-3

Fun Flying Four Tamaudun Royal Mausoleum-5

Like so many other sites, Tamauden was damaged during World War 2 but has since been restored.

Fun Flying Four Tamaudun Royal Mausoleum-4

There were once 2 guard houses on site, but only 1 was restored after the war; our family adore these traditional dwellings they are so peaceful!

Fun Flying Four Tamaudun Royal Mausoleum-6

There is a small admission fee of 300 yen for adults (less for children) and preschool aged children are free.  Inside the admission building is a small museum showing old photographs as well as large urns showing what remains were stored in.

walking around the guard house

walking around the guard house

Tamauden Royal Mausoleum is pretty small so like Kinjo Stone Paved Path not something you would do on its own but you could easily combine the two with a trip to Shuri-jo as they are all in the same area.

Fun Flying Four Tamaudun Royal Mausoleum-8



10 responses to “Tamaudun Royal Mausoleum

    • they are, of course I doubt they will remember most of it, Eden maybe, Clio highly unlikely! Still, its an amazing experience for them, well, for all of us!

    • It really is an amazing country! I never had a desire to even visit Japan and now that I live here I can’t believe why I didn’t!!

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  2. Wow… I thought that structure was built on water body, it turned out no, it is on clay. Your daughters are cute… they got quite a apetite to visit all sorts of things – temples, this sort of structure… one photo of your lill daughter in the chambers gave me creeps, because you mentioned one chamber is built where they wash bones… is this structure a tomb, a memorial or a place for royals to stay or all combined… anyway

    • thanks! I think they are pretty cute! I think the picture you are referring to is actually the guard house NOT the chambers where they wash bones etc…that area is roped off!

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