Top 5 activities that are fun for the whole family | Cambodia

Matt & I tend to do what we want to do when we travel, throwing in the odd kid friendly activity here and there however if we can find activities that we all like, well thats even better!

Fun Flying Four Cambodia


Apparently this was Eden’s favorite and while I can imagine this would have been Clio’s (aged 2.5) since she hasn’t stopped talking about it, I was kind of surprised when Eden said it was hers!  For Matt & I, well, it was something to do and the kids did love it & those baby crocs were super cute and made this odd sound! However, if you find seeing lots of crocodiles in a relatively small area with the knowledge that they will eventually be killed for their skin upsetting then this is NOT the place for you.

The girls, however, really loved the fact that they got to hold live baby crocodiles and like I said even a month on it is still talked about almost daily.

Fun Flying Four Family Friendly Activities in Cambodia


The whole reason we made the trip to Battambang was to ride the Bamboo Train and while I was a little apprehensive because I thought it would be super touristy and not all that great, it was most definitely worth the trip.

Probably the most uncomfortable train ride of my life but definitely the most thrilling and fun!   So many giggles and lots of ‘ouches’ were had by all and it was a one, of many, highlights of our trip not just the kids but us adults too!

Fun Flying Four Family Activities in Cambodia 3

3 PHARE – THE CAMBODIAN CIRCUS, SIEM REAP (also has a couple shows a week in Battambang)

Matt took Eden to the circus one night while I stayed back at the hotel with a sleeping Clio, so not only did I not get any photos I also can’t tell you too much about it.

What I can say is when Eden returned to the hotel later that night she was VERY excited and could’t stop talking about all that she had seen, even the next morning she kept remembering things she hadn’t told me.

Despite the circus not being in English (it did have subtitles) it didn’t stop either Matt or Eden having a great time & it is nice knowing that the proceeds go to a great cause.

Fun Flying Four Family Friendly Activities Cambodia 4


Throughout our week in Cambodia we rode in countless tuktuks and it never got old for the girls!  Even on our last night as we were getting ready to head to the airport Eden asked, with lots of hope, if we were going to be taking a tuktuk there…we were!

She loved waving at people, letting her hair get all knotty as it blew in the wind and she especially loved when we took less paved roads making the ride pretty bumpy!

Clio found them a great place to nap and towards the end she would rest her head on Matt and hang her feet over the side :/

Fun Flying Four Family Activities in Cambodia


The girls LOVE temples, we could temple hop all day and they would be happy! In fact since this trip they have been building their own temples out of anything and Clio asks us to draw her temples to color in every day.

Whilst in Cambodia we visited temples in Battambang, Phnom Penh and of course Siem Reap; they loved them all.

Although a favorite was exploring temples which weren’t as well upkept/restored. We could all appreciate the beauty and all the details of Angkor Wat but it had nothing on the likes of Banteay Kdei Temple where we spent hours getting lost and finding each other, just to get lost again!

Fun Flying Four Cambodia 2-1

Have you been to Cambodia? What were some kid friendly activities you got up to while there?

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16 responses to “Top 5 activities that are fun for the whole family | Cambodia

  1. Cambodia is such a fascinating place mired with its dark history. Such a great place…! Though I have no tips on kid friendly activities.. 😉

  2. I’ve always associated Tuk Tuks with Thailand, never thought about riding Tuk Tuks in Cambodia. But really, that bamboo train definitely tops the list of things to do in Cambodia imo! #TravelTuesday

    • I was the same, I always thought about Thailand, but they are everywhere in Cambodia too! The Bamboo Train is amazing, so much fun!

  3. I have not been to Cambodia! But it seems like a great place to visit! Your kids seem so brave with all of the things that they do! It’s great. And although a bit sad, holding those baby crocodiles looks really really awesome!!

    • It is a great place to visit, while they are 2 totally different countries so naturally you can’t really compare them, but between Vietnam & Cambodia I definitely preferred Vietnam! I have never thought of my kids as brave, but I suppose they are! The crocs were sad but you are right the babies were adorable…the girls still talk about holding them!

  4. It’s great to know that there are other kid-friendly activities in Cambodia and more to do beyond Angkor Wat. What a wonderful experience for your family. That bamboo train sound funs! Cambodia is still high on my travel wish list and hope to make it there soon.

    • The bamboo train is so fun! Siem Reap is definitely geared toward tourism these days and there are a lot of touristy type things to do, not just the Angkor complex! I hope you make it there some day too!

  5. Lovely pictures, We have not explored that part of Asia but Cambodia is high on the list, glad you found so many fun things to do with the kids! We held a baby alligator in Florida one time! The baby crocodile looks so tiny! Thanks for linking up to #OutsideSuburbia

    • I hope you make it to Cambodia and Vietnam too if you haven’t been there! It really is interesting and beautiful.

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