Tokyo | Japan [photo essay]

Instead of doing my usual day-by-day posts of what we saw, ate & spent while traveling I am going to share some photos from our fun, but short, weekend in Tokyo spent with great friends.

Three nights was no where near enough time to explore this vibrant city…we will definitely be returning!


Fun Flying Four Tokyo

Fun Flying Four Tokyo 1

Fun Flying Four Tokyo 2

Fun Flying Four Tokyo 4

Fun Flying Four Tokyo 3

Fun Flying Four Tokyo 5

Fun Flying Four Tokyo Japan


18 responses to “Tokyo | Japan [photo essay]

    • I am excited for another trip there, although who knows when that will be! I am thinking when Matt’s parents visit but also thinking right before we leave here so we can do Disney with the girls for a day or 2 (when Clio is a bit older)

  1. The husband and I went for a long weekend (childless! The in-laws were in town and stayed with the kids). It was not even remotely long enough. I’m so glad we did go though and at some point, I’ll make it back.

  2. Great Photos! Japan is on our list for this year…what are on your must sees? We travel with a two year old so we are always looking for family friendly.

    • We actually spent a day in Kamakura which was fab, although a day wasn’t long enough. If you have time I would make it there for a night or 2. As far as Tokyo goes, I would def do a themed cafe, we tried to do the Monster one in Harajuku but it was just too busy. We plan to try it again next time, but get there 30-40 mins before opening! I think my kids would have LOVED it!

    • Yeah I definitely think you should consider Tokyo, Kyoto or both! My thoughts are to meet you in Tokyo, have a few days, bullet train to Kyoto for a few days then fly from Osaka to Okinawa (short, cheap flight!) just an idea 🙂

    • haha I only do collages when I have too many photos to show and I cant pick! I think had over 40 photos!

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