Ryugujo Butterfly Garden | Okinawa

Butterfly Garden Okinawa_

New Years Eve we headed up to Okuma for a couple nights with friends but instead of heading straight there we decided to make a surprise stop at the butterfly garden thinking the girls would love it.

Butterfly Garden Okinawa_-3

Butterfly Garden Okinawa_-2

While they did, they also didn’t! Clio who was wearing bright red; you know the color butterflies are most attracted too and flipped out anytime one landed on her, which was all the time.  While Eden would jump, squeal or flinch anytime a butterfly moved!

Butterfly Garden Okinawa_-8

Butterfly Garden Okinawa_-4

The only variety they had were the paper kite but they were plentiful and rather large!

Butterfly Garden Okinawa_-7

Butterfly Garden Okinawa_-6

Throughout the place they had these (fake) flower feeders which had what I presume was sugar water at the bottom because those butterflies were addicted!

Butterfly Garden Okinawa_-9

Butterfly Garden Okinawa_-10

Matt discovered you can pick up the flower bouquets which was really neat (although the girls still were unsure!) they also had red hats which you could wear, although we only thought about doing that once we had left!

Butterfly Garden Okinawa_-11

Butterfly Garden Okinawa_-5

This place is really small and I wouldn’t drive up to Motobu just to visit the butterfly garden BUT if you are in the are this makes a fun little stop, just remember to wear bright clothing, unless you are like the girls and would rather they didn’t come anywhere near you!

Butterfly Garden Okinawa_-12



10 responses to “Ryugujo Butterfly Garden | Okinawa

    • yeah he would love it then! I think over the summer months is when they have more varieties but even if you went now with only the paper kite there are loads of them!

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