365 | week 45 & 46

Love these littles so incredibly much!

Fun Flying Four 365 week 45 & 46

day 309 | she turned her nose up at it, tried it, ate it all

Fun Flying Four 365 week 45 & 46-2

310 | sleep tight sweet thing

Fun Flying Four 365 week 45 & 46-3

day 311 | Clio’s very first day of pre-school!

Fun Flying Four 365 week 45 & 46-4

day 312 | chicken on a stick is her favorite

Fun Flying Four 365 week 45 & 46-5

day 313 | enjoying the pre-op medicine

Fun Flying Four 365 week 45 & 46-6

day 314 | these two are pretty much always together

Fun Flying Four 365 week 45 & 46-7

day 315 | the girls think these pillows with Matt’s face on them are hysterical!

Fun Flying Four 365 week 45 & 46-8

day 316 | all nice and clean

Fun Flying Four 365 week 45 & 46-9

day 317 | breakfast date with this cheese!

Fun Flying Four 365 week 45 & 46-10

day 318 | exhausted!

Fun Flying Four 365 week 45 & 46-11

day 319 | Eden is loving learning to read, she read this entire book and only need help a couple times!

Fun Flying Four 365 week 45 & 46-12

day 320 | another lego fan

Fun Flying Four 365 week 45 & 46-13

day 321 | anytime I pull this drink bottle out for myself someone always claims it as theirs

Fun Flying Four 365 week 45 & 46-14

day 322 | silly sweet sisters on a rainy day adventure


7 responses to “365 | week 45 & 46

  1. Hi! I saw on someone else’s blog that you are a fellow New Zealander. We are actually at Ramstein, but it’s neat to find out about other kiwi spouses – where in NZ are you from?

    • Ohh I really REALLY want to go to Ramstein next!! I mainly grew up in Wellington but moved to Timaru 😕 when I was 16 and stayed there until I moved back overseas somewhere in my 20’s! What about you? Do you go back often? We are hoping to head back this year sometime so excited!

      • Awesome! I’m from Christchurch! I moved to the USA in 2012 and we pcs’d to Ramstein early 2013. We’ve been back to NZ twice since then which we both awesome trips. The travelling here is amazing – I hope you get the chance to come here. We don’t have kids yet so the job situation hasn’t been great here for me, which is the only reason I’m keen to leave next year. Is your family still in Timaru?

      • We lived in England (RAF lakenheath) for 6 years before moving to Japan and while we LOVE Okinawa we do miss the ease of travel in Europe. Sorry to hear that the job situation stinks, it’s like that here too or so I hear. I actually moved to Timaru without my family! My moms side all live in Wellington still and my dads side is mostly in Nelson! Do you see yourself settling in America? I’ve never lived there yet I know it’s just a matter of time!

      • Ahh now that makes me jealous! I so wish we could go to England but unfortunately my husband’s job isn’t there! Wow awesome, ahh I LOVE Nelson – definitely on the cards for us when we move back but we’ll probably go back to Christchurch. Or Australia – I lived in Perth when I met my husband! No definitely not, I only lived there for 3 months before we moved to Germany but I know it’s not somewhere I want to live forever. We have six years before moving back to NZ is an option though so who knows – maybe the next place will transform me? But I doubt it! Loving your blog – your bucket list for Asia is awesome.

      • Ohh I think Australia could be an option for us too but who knows! Matt still has 8 years left so plenty of time to decide!

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