Bicultural Event with Kids Travel Japan | Osaka

During our visit to Osaka we had arranged with Caleb of Kids Travel Japan to participate in a bicultural family friendly event.

meeting some of the kids

meeting some of the kids

Having never done anything like this I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but right from our initial email conversations Caleb was extremely welcoming and informative.

shaking hands!

shaking hands!

We even met up the evening prior of the event just to quickly go over the timeline for the morning and I was also given clear instructions on how to get to the local park where we would be meeting.

lots of giggles

lots of giggles

The morning of the event the girls and I easily made our way to ‘Octopus Park’ where we were met by Caleb, Cindy and their daughter Celina.

singing songs

singing songs

While Caleb & Cindy set things up for the arrival of the local families Celina & Eden played, while Clio, surprise surprise was crabby; in all fairness she wasn’t feeling well this particular day.

gearing up for a relay type game

gearing up for a relay type game

Once all the families had arrived  (maybe around 8 total) Caleb got started with the program.  First we introduced ourselves and Caleb encouraged the children and parents to ask the girls & I some questions in English, then the real fun started.

Fun Flying Four Kids Travel Japan Osaka-4

Caleb & Cindy had prepared several games and songs, in English, for everyone to join in with. Naturally some of the Japanese children were a little shy about practicing the new words but for the most part everyone participated and seemed to really enjoy themselves.

Fun Flying Four Kids Travel Japan Osaka-5

After about an hour we walked over to a nearby ballet studio for some inside games and more songs.

Towards the end of the second hour Caleb played some games in Japanese to allow Eden (and Clio if she actually participated) to learn a few Japanese words – which I still test Eden on 3 months later!

another fun game at the ballet studio

another fun game at the ballet studio

It was a unique experience and I am so pleased we participated in it.  Eden especially loved getting to hang out with other kids; it always amazes me how language barriers aren’t really an issue for kids instead they communicate through laughter & play.

If you are heading to Osaka and think this might be something you want to get involved in I know Caleb would love to have you on board.

To find out more information & to get in contact check these links out…

Kids Travel Japan on Facebook 

Kids Travel Japan website 



2 responses to “Bicultural Event with Kids Travel Japan | Osaka

  1. Hello Hannah. I am so impressed with this magical event that your family participated in. You’re both incredible parents to two lovely daughters. We so much enjoy keeping up with your adventures. Dan and Jan

    • Hi Dan & Jan! The girls are pretty lovely! I do hope you meet them someday!! It was a fun event, and Eden particularly enjoyed it.

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