Climbing Mt Batur, Bali | Indonesia [with kids]

Mt Batur, one of Bali’s most active volcanos with its most recent eruption being in 2,000, is located in the Kintamani District and sits 1,717 meters (5,633 ft) above sea level, offers great views of Lake Batur; a crater lake considered a scared site to the locals.

on our way

on our way

Most people hike Mt Batur in the early morning in order to watch the sunrise at the summit, we however decided that we would wait until after sunrise to attempt the hike solely because we had the girls in tow and we thought allowing them to sleep a little longer was in everyones best interest.

Fun Flying Four Mt Batur Bali_-2

Our driver, Badra, picked us up in Ubud a little after 6am; still plenty early but at least we had over an hour drive before we had to start the climb.

Fun Flying Four Mt Batur Bali_-3

Once we arrived we met up with our guide, Wayan, that Badra had arranged for us and immediately begun our trek up the mountain.

Fun Flying Four Mt Batur Bali_-4

Eden was pretty eager and at the beginning and was actually running at times, that was before it got too steep to do so. Wayan allowed Eden to set the pace, and a good pace she set too. Often they would need to stop to allow the rest of us to catch up!

black ash!

black ash!

Since we were late starting the hike we appeared to be the only ones making the ascent up the mountain while everyone was descending. It was so heartwarming the many, many people who encouraged Eden along the way; giving her high 5’s, rounds of applause and words of encouragement.

clouds rolling in

clouds rolling in

There were of course the few pessimists who would make comments, not directly to us just within our ear shot like “no way thats going to happen” or even laughing at our attempt.

Fun Flying Four Mt Batur Bali_-7

What they didn’t realize is that their rudeness only motivated us more!

Fun Flying Four Mt Batur Bali_-8

As it turned out the sunrise hikers didn’t get many views until they were almost down the mountain due to cloud so I don’t feel like we missed out by hiking later on, well not on that particular day anyway.

Fun Flying Four Mt Batur Bali_-9

The higher we got the steeper it got but Eden still soldiered on while Clio continued to be carried by Matt.

Wayan holding Eden's hand, he was such a nice guy

Wayan holding Eden’s hand, he was such a nice guy

Once we reached the hut at the top we stopped for 20 minutes to admire the views and feed the many monkey. We took the obligatory photo with the summit sign and warmed our hands with the steam rising from holes in the mountain.

Clio walking, ha it probably only last 2 minutes!

Clio walking, ha it probably only last 2 minutes!

Wayan then asked if we wanted to proceed to the very top (still confused as to why the sign for the summit was here and not at the very top!) which of course we did; after all we had made it this far.

my tiny adventure

my tiny adventure

This was probably the hardest of the climb because it was like walking on very steep sand and as we climbed the short distance up the cloud just rolled on in and we got cold and damp.

can you spot the monkey?

can you spot the monkey?

Once we made it to the actual summit we ate food that Badra had bought us and that Wayan had carried up for us.

typical Clio!

typical Clio!

Recharged we began our decent down the opposite side of the mountain where of course it started to rain. Wayan gave Eden a piggy back and virtually skied down, it was pretty fun to watch and once Matt & I tried it we realized it was so much easier.

my peeps

my peeps

Eden of course wanted to walk herself but I think Wayan was in a hurry to get down since none of us had wet weather gear.

Fun Flying Four Mt Batur Bali_-16

Part way down we made it to a hut where we huddled in with about 10 other people who were making their way up the mountain. When the rain eased a little we continuned on our way in the same fashion as before, Eden on Wayan’s back, Matt carrying Clio, while we all skied/ran down.

Fun Flying Four Mt Batur Bali_-17

It was unfortunate the rain was so heavy at this point as the scenery was really beautiful and I would have loved to take photos as we walked back through a forest but of course I forgot to bring my rain sleeve.

Fun Flying Four Mt Batur Bali_-18

Once at the bottom Badra was waiting to pick us up and we said our goodbyes to Wayan so we could warm up in the nearby natural hot pools.

Fun Flying Four Mt Batur Bali_-19

I am pleased we didn’t attempt to hike this with the kids for the sunrise, while Eden did great I think it would have been that much harder in the darkness and Matt virtually carried Clio the entire time, often there was lose rock which would have been a little more scary/dangerous in the dark.

almost at the summit

almost at the summit

Climbing Mt Batur was a highlight for all of us, well apart from Clio who not only complained a lot but also made the comment about how tiring it was…pretty funny since she got carried like a wee princess!

Eden & Wayan

Eden & Wayan

If you are heading to Bali I would definitely recommend doing this hike. We purposely didn’t bring any kind of child carrier for Clio because we knew this was the only place we would have needed it and we didn’t want to have to carry it around the rest of our trip. Having said that it would be a lot easier if you did have one for young children.

all that climbing wore her out!!

all that climbing wore her out!!


22 responses to “Climbing Mt Batur, Bali | Indonesia [with kids]

  1. It looks like you had a wonderful day hiking at Mt Batur. Your photos look beautiful – the scenery and even the midst looks incredible. I was here when I was really young and only remember it from the photos my parents took. I definitely should do this one again. I can understand why you didn’t do it at sunrise… I heard some tours pick you up as early at 2:30am! It looks like your kids had a lovely time and what a nice way to spend the day with your family.

    • Oh yeah you should definitely return! This was our first visit to Bali and I can definitely see us spending more time here in the future…the people were just so friendly!

    • Lol I’m sure you would have! It’s funny though, Eden had NO complaints about doing this, but if we said hey let’s take a 20 minute walk into town she would whine the entire time!

  2. Your experience is so different from mine! I did it for sunrise and boy it was tough and challenging personally, and there were no roads, it was all just rocky path. Agreeing that it would have been easier to do it when there’s light when you have 2 kids. Eden is awesome, what a great experience for the kids!

    • yeah I think I would have found it a lot tougher climbing in the dark! Did you climb up/down the same way? We went up one side and down the other and it seemed the sunrise hikers did that too but the opposite way…there wasn’t any roads on the side we came down! I was surprised by how much loose path there was. My husband had climbed Mt Fuji the month before and had expected it but I was just a little more naive I think!

      • I’m not sure if I climbed up and down the same way, likely! As I didn’t see any roads like yours both ways that I went. My shoes were completely destroyed; I was super happy to be back at hotel. Hiking this particular mountain is something I will never do again, haha!

  3. Wow you’re fearless! I’ve climbed 4 Indonesian volcanoes & while Mount Batur may not be one of the most extreme, I have huge respect for you for climbing it with kids! What lucky kids you have to be exposed to such adventures & travels from a young age 🙂

    • oh wow which other volcanoes did you climb? I definitely hope we can return, maybe when they are a little older, and attempt some other ones! I sure hope the exposure they are getting will make them a little less judgmental and openminded as adults!

  4. Wow – you have some very well behaved children by the sounds of it! Looks like a great day out – I love that you ‘skied’ down on the way back! Pretty sure if I tried that it would have transformed to ‘rolling’ down! haha

    • haha I was definitely a little apprehensive about the ‘skiing’ but it was so much fun, I am not sure how Matt managed to stay upright since he did it while carrying our 3 year old!

  5. It looks like a great trip and what makes it more enjoyable is the fact that this can be done with kids. Their enjoyment would lend a different edge to the entire experience.

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  7. That’s great you did this with the kids. We’re heading to Bali again at the end of the year and are considering going up Mt Batur with the kids. If we do we’ll definitely take the carriers.

  8. Glad to read your journey to Mt Batur! I’m going there in December and I’m bringing my son who’ll be 10 months in Dec. I was wondering if the trail is safe for me to hike with him. Most probably with a carrier. Xx thanks!

    • Hello! Sorry for the late reply, we are in the process of moving! We saw one couple with a young child, probably similar age, in a carrier! I think you’d be fine there are a couple of steeper sections but nothing too crazy! Enjoy

  9. Planning to climb with my wife and 7 year old son. Not sure if it would feasible. Though me and wife are fit and obviously our son is too excited. Please suggest.

    • Hello. I think it would be great. My oldest was only 6 at the time and did fine. We didn’t do the sunrise hike though!

  10. the last time I went to Bali was 9yrs ago, now with 2 kids, 7yrs and 5yrs, the way you talk, it’s not that challenging with kids, I meant sounded manageable. do you still have your guide contact? I’m heading over to Bali this friday! 🙂

    • Oh fun! I wish I was heading to Bali this Friday lol you can search for our guide info on Trip Advisor Banu Bali Tours. He was actually our driver but arranged our guide for Mt Batur so maybe ask him?

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