beached in Seminyak | Bali

the road from our apartment to the beach

the road from our apartment to the beach

For part of our 10 night stay in Bali we decided to head to the Southern part of the island to the resort town of Seminyak.

first day at the beach

first day at the beach


Our sole purpose for doing this was so the girls could get some beach time in and we literally did nothing else other than head to the beach; with the exception of a doctors visit for myself and to stop by a beautiful art gallery to add to our collection!




We stayed in an AirBnB property that was located only 2 minutes away by foot from Seminyak Beach and despite the property being rather basic and almost quirky (and not in a good way) with its super close proximity to the beach it was perfect for our short stay.



Other than the first day where we headed into town to eat we spent most meals at the beach or in our property. Seminyak Beach is lined with various eateries including the famous Potato Head Beach Club as well as La Plancha Beach Bar & Restaurant.

Matt turned Eden into a mermaid!

Matt turned Eden into a mermaid!

bridges in Bali

bridges in Bali

The first time we stepped foot on the beach Matt & I both looked at each other completely overwhelmed; we just weren’t expecting the sheer number of people, beanbags, umbrellas and surfers. Everywhere we turned there were people. Having said that, it still had a very relaxed vibe about it and neither one of us felt like it was too crowded.



In the morning the beach was filled with people running or taking a leisurely stroll, kids playing, visitors taking surf lessons, even people riding horseback. As day turned to night beanbags would take the place of loungers, pretty umbrellas would be set up and live bands would fill the air with tunes; the perfect combination to watch the beautiful sunsets.

so much love

so much love

Seminyak Sunsets

Seminyak Sunsets

I thought I would regret our decision to not explore the area more but honestly I don’t; we knew our month was going to be pretty busy at times and we needed to make time to relax and let the kids just chill and Seminyak turned out to be the perfect place to do that.




18 responses to “beached in Seminyak | Bali

  1. I love Seminyak beach at sunset – it is just so gorgeous. And the music at La Plancha is awesome. It looks like you and your family had a wonderful day spent on the beach. I too haven’t had much luck using AirBnB in Bali – I’ve found the quality of places to be pretty average for the price. So I only book hotels now when I’m in Bali.

    • We had a pretty nice AirBnB property in Ubud but this one was definitely not the best! The music at La Plancha is great.

  2. How happy do the kids look??? I went to Seminyak briefly a few years ago and am hoping to explore more of Bali eventually. Looks like you guys had so much fun!

    • I would love to return to Bali and really explore it, preferably over a longer period of time (10 days was just not enough) such an interesting place

  3. It looks like you and your family had a blast! Your little girl looked so happy making a bridge on the beach. After reading other blogs, I’ve come to realize that Airbnb in Bali isn’t so great. You definitely get what you pay for.

    • Gina! I am so sorry I somehow missed your blog! Yeah I think you definitely have to be careful when picking AirBnBs in Bali thats for sure!

  4. Those beanbags look like the perfect place for a relax, and for watching that sunset! I did a similar thing in Nha Trang – spent the whole time I was there on the beach. Sometimes it’s nice to slow down and enjoy some sand in your toes!

    • yes you definitely need to slow down sometimes…especially with kids in tow. Bali was our first stop on a month long trip and while we were going to be ending our trip on Tioman Island the rest of it was going to have much beach time in there so I am pleased we did make it to Seminyak for a little at the beginning of the trip

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