Okinawa Bucket List

Fun Flying Four Okinawa Bucket List (1 of 1)


1 Uruma Sparkling Festival
2 Sunflower Festival
3 Nakagusuku Castle Ruins
4 Nakamura House
5 Ryukyu Mura
6 America Village/Ferris Wheel
7 Araha Beach
8 Yomitan Pottery Village
9 Okinawa Zoo & Museum
10 Cape Zanpa Lighthouse
11 Zakimi Castle Ruins
12 Bull Fighting
13 Katsuren Castle
14 Awase Fish Market
15 Miyagi Park
16 Southeast Botanical Gardens
17 Bios on the Hill
18 Agena Castle Ruins
19 Oyama Mayagama
20 Sakima Art Museum (Ginowan)
21 Yara Castle Ruins
22 Shinran Shonin (small statue, do with another trip)
23 Kakazutaka Observatory Park (Ginowan)
24 Nenpou-ji Temple (Ginowan)
25 Yomitan Festival
26 SeaSeed
27 Kurashiki Dam
28 Chibana Castle Ruins
29 Futenma Shrine
30 Shi Shi Mai Festival
31 Okinawa International Carnival (Nov)
32 Okinawa Zento Eisa Festival (Aug/Sept)
33 Okinawa Food Flea
34 Murasaki Mura, Yomitan
35 Naritasan Fukusenji Temple 


1 10,000 man Eisa Festival
2 Naha Tug-of-war
3 The Former Japanese Navy Underground HQ
4 Tsuboya Pottery Village
5 Fukushu Chinese Gardens
6 Kinjo stone paved road (near Shuri)
7 Naha Dragon Boat Races
8 Shuri Castle
9 Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum
10 Shuri Castle Festival on Koukasi Street
11 Kokusai Street
12 Cherry Blossoms – Naha Yogi Park
13 Tamaudun Royal Mausoleum
14 Naha Makishi Public Market
15 Naminoue-Gu Shrine


1 Mikan Picking
2 Stardust Fantasia
3 Cherry Blossoms
4 Azalea Festival
5 Yohena Ajisai (hydrangea garden)
6 Forest Adventure
7 Ryugujo Butterfly Garden
8 Bise Village
9 Melody Road
10 Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
11 Hiji Falls
12 Pineapple Park
13 Kin Mud Festival (Golden week for kids)
14 Okuma
15 Yanbaru Forest Toy Museum (near Okuma)
16 Kin kannon-do Temple & Cave
17 Dai Sekirinzan
18 Kijoka Village & Falls
19 Hedo of Ogimi Village
20 Busena Marine Park underwater observatory tower and glass-bottom boat
21 Fukugawa Falls I & II
22 Ginoza Burger Festival (Nov/Dec time)
23 Cape Hedo
24 Cherry Blossoms – Mt Yae
25 Meoto Falls
26 Kijoka Iris Field


1 Okinawa Fruit Lands
2 Orion Brewry
3 Nago Gusuku (Nangusuku)
4 Nakijin Castle Ruins
5 Neo Park
6 Todoroki Falls
7 Cherry Blossoms – Nakijin Castle
8 Cherry Blossoms – Mt Nago & Nangusuku


1 Ryukyu Glass Craft
2 Peace Memorial Park
3 Mabuni Hill
4 Okinawa World
5 Itokazu Ruins
6 Tamagusuku Ruins
7 Hakugin-do Shrine
8 Yaese Castle Ruins
9 Valley of Gangala
10 Gushikawa Ruins
11 Cape Kyan
12 Tomori Stone Lions
13 Sefa Utaki
14 Cherry Blossoms – Yaese
15 Lunar New Year Itoman


1 Lilly Festival Ie Island
2 Tokashiki Island
3 Zamami Island
4 Nakabaru Ruins
5 Sesoko Beach
6 Ukahajima (Whale Island, Bibi?)
7 Tsuken-jima
8 Minna-Jima
9 Zamami Island
10 Kouri Island
11 Yagaji Island
12 Yabuchi Island
13 Ikei Island
14 Ojima Island
15 Miyagi Island
16 Henza Island
17 Hamahiga Island
18 Kudaka Island
19 Kouri Ocean Tower
20 Izena Island, Part Two Part One


1 sushi making class
2 soba making class
3 Japanese Tea Ceremony
4Whale Watching
5 Ryukyu Dragon Pro Wrestling
6 Yanbaru Mangrove Kayaking
7 Snorkle with Whale Sharks
8 Make a Kimekomi Doll
Prison Craft Fair (December time)
10 Turtle Release


18 responses to “Okinawa Bucket List

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  5. I am so excited to find such a great blog all about Okinawa! I’m looking forward to following your time here! We just moved out here in October and are putting together a bucket list of our own. Planning to use your for inspiration!

    • Welcome to Okinawa! We have been here for 17 months now and time is just flying!! I cant wait to check out your blog too! If you see something that should be on my list please let me know…i really dont want to miss out on anything!

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    • We definitely plan on getting to some of the other islands! anything you think I should add to the list?!

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  10. Wow! Y’all sure have done a lot. I need to create a bucket list. Definitely using yours as a guide!

    • I have so many more things to add to it but I panic when I see too many things not crossed off, so waiting until I have crossed a few more things off before adding those! There is just so much to do on this tiny island!

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